Coach is a renowned fashion house that specializes in handbags, crossbody bags, clutch bags, luggage bags, accessories and lots of other things. Celebrities like Eva Longoria, Michelle Monaghan, Kristen Bell and many more could be found to be using Coach brand bags. Learn more about the premium Coach sling bags in Malaysia down below!


Never Run Out of Style with Coach Sling Bag!

Coach is an international luxury fashion brand that was established in New York in the year 1941. It all started out in a small loft in Manhattan street where they made leather wallets and billfolds by hand. From there, they joined hands with Miles and Lillian Cahn and from there their journey started as the company kept on growing day by day. The company eventually opened their first retail store on Madison Avenue, Midtown Manhattan in 1981. Coach finally launched their online store at the web address of

Here are some of the best selling Coach signature sling bag styles:

Small Camera Bag with Quilting

Rogue 17 in Colorblock

Willow Camera Bag

Hayden Foldover Crossbody Clutch in Signature Jacquard

Kip Turnlock Crossbody

Swinger Bag with Chain

Do all Coach bags have hang tags?

Yes. Every Coach bag design comes along with a hangtag. They are like the added accessories that complete a Coach bag. If you happen to have bought a Coach bag that did not have a hang tag attached, you can directly take it to the nearest Coach store near you and could make orders for a hang tag by showing your receipt. You can also contact them via email and wait for them to respond back in your inbox.

Will Coach clean my bag for free?

No, unfortunately Coach does not take orders for cleaning and refurbishing services. However, they do offer Coach Product Care which are Leather Cleaner, Fabric Cleaner, and Leather Moisturiser services for their products.

Can I put my Coach bag in the washing machine?

Absolutely not. Please ensure that your Coach bag is well taken care of and receives a great amount of attention. Only hand washing and spot cleaning are recommended for a Coach bag as they might not withstand the harsh and brutal tumbling of the washing machine.