Coach is known for its meticulous design and high-quality leather. Its price is quite affordable, considering that it is a luxury brand that aims to offer the best accessories in the market. Coach’s most popular items are its sling bags and all fashion enthusiasts should have at least one to complete their wardrobe. Find out more about Coach sling bag below.

Is it worth buying a Coach Bag? | How do I know if my Coach Bag is authentic? | Are purses from Coach Outlet real?


Essential Coach Sling Bags You Need in Your Wardrobe

Sling bags, also known as crossbody bags, are an essential addition to all modern women should have. A Coach sling bag is the perfect entry-level to the world of designer bags as it has a reasonable price range that can fit all budgets. Here are some of the most iconic Coach sling bags you should consider whenever you’re ready to invest in one.

Tabby Shoulder Bag

Tabby is perhaps one of the most popular Coach bags of all time. Both a shoulder bag and a sling bag, the Tabby is a baguette bag with an oversized C buckle part of the Coach signature C design. It’s available in a variety of colours and design including beige, white, pink, black, and more.

Rambler Crossbody Bags

The Rambler crossbody bags doesn’t bear the Coach signature “C” design or monogram. However, it’s embellished with twist-lock fastening and adjustable leather straps. It also comes in a variety of colour combinations that can fit all kinds of outfits. On the inside, crossbody bags have a card slot, slip pocket, and a zipper pocket.

Beat Shoulder Bag

The Beat shoulder bag is extra special because it showcases the classic Coach horse carriage design. This Coach sling bag features three compartments with a snap enclosure, complete with the classic Coach buckle. Personalize it by interchanging the straps.

Hutton Shoulder Bag

The Hutton is as vintage as it can get. It has chambray panels with the classic “C” monogram design, topped with a gold clasp as well as gold chains on the strap. The Hutton Coach bag, just like most of the other Coach bags, features the famous Coach tag design where you can find the Coach horse carriage logo on it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Coach Sling Bags

Is it worth buying a Coach Bag?

In most cases, Coach Bags are very worthwhile buying. Because their crossbody bags are normally built to very high quality, they normally last very long when practising proper care. They may not appreciate over time but they do provide a timeless design - like the Coach signature C design, Coach tag design and Coach Horse Carriage design - that will not require you to find a replacement so very often when completing a look for your wardrobe.

How do I know if my Coach Bag is authentic?

  • Coach signature C design can be seen in all their crossbody bags. Fakes often use Gs or Os.
  • Coach signature C design is always in pairs and they are facing each other. The Cs also need to line up and don't trust a bag that has singular Cs.
  • Coach introduces new colours often. Check their website to see if the bag in question is available online. Most of their styles are on the site, so if there is a style that you can't find, then it may be a fake purse.
  • Since the 1970s, each authentic Coach bag has a creed that consists of a leather square panel. This creed contains a style number, as well as a unique serial number. It's perfectly centred, always stitched onto the bag, and never glued on.
  • The creed itself provides details of the origin of the bag and how it has been manufactured. Sometimes fake Coach bags contain a creed with an abundance of typos or spelling mistakes.
  • The serial number is stamped into the fabric of the creed of an authentic Coach bag. If the bag is fake, it might contain a serial number that has been inked on.
  • In recent bags, the style and productions codes have been attached separately from the creed. These are seen on a small white tag often sewn inside a pocket.

Are purses from Coach Outlet real?

All Coach retails and outlet stores or online stores at,, or other authorised department stores sell authentic Coach products. Coach does not sell their products at street vendors, kiosks in malls or flea markets. Hurry up and get yourself a timeless piece with Coach signature C design, Coach tag design or Coach Horse Carriage design sling bags. Visit our iPrice website for the latest sales and promotions.