Tote bags don’t get any more stylish than Coach’s selection in Malaysia. Check out the best Coach tote bags online or read more about things to consider when choosing a tote bag here.


3 Features You Need to Look for in A Coach Tote Bag in Malaysia

Bags are an essential part of a woman’s daily dressing. Whatever the style of dressing, a bag completes the picture. Among all the premium brands of bags in Malaysia, Coach is one of the most popular. Enter a party and look around, you will find stylish women carrying Coach bags and wallets. Coach Tote bags are among the more popular of the handbag choices. Albeit the hundreds of choices for Coach tote bags, you need to know what features to look for when choosing a Coach tote bag. Here are some features you need to have in a tote bag.

A Large Size

Don’t let your style suffer. This is what you need to think of when getting a Coach tote bag. Get a larger Coach tote bag you won’t have to worry about what items you can or cannot bring with you. as Coach tote bags are multi-tasking handbags for those who are constantly on the move, you will need a bag that comes with multiple compartments and easy storage for your wallet, makeup kit, car and house keys, as well as your water bottle. It is said that a woman’s bag hides a thousand treasures. The larger the bag, the bigger the treasure.

Straps and Handles

In Malaysia, you will want to keep your belongings with you wherever you go. Holding on tight to your tote bag is easy when straps and handles are placed in a convenient position. Coach tote bags have large straps for you to easily grip and bring it along. You can choose to hold it in your palms or simply sling it on your shoulder for a casual look. Choose a tote bag that has a rounded handle so there are no sharp edges that dig into your shoulder with time.

Bag Material

When it comes to Coach tote bags, you have a choice of fabric, linen, PVC, or leather. The most common of these are the leather styles. Of course, prices vary with each type of material with leather being the most expensive of the variety. You need to consider the type of material to ensure the method of cleaning the bag. Leather requires minimal cleaning, while fabric and linen tote bags should be sent in for dry-cleaning once in a while. Colours also may vary given the material of the bag. Leather bags usually have limited (single) colours. Fabric bags have more variety with epic designs featuring the logo and other motifs. The beauty of these motifs and designs is the ability to recognize it as a Coach bag at one glance. This is what makes the Coach tote bag unique.

Now that you know more about what Coach tote bag features to look out for, you can start shopping for your own. Or, you could choose from other Coach categories in Malaysia such as watches, shoes, and wallets.