Well-known for their monogram “C” which is seen on many of their products such as handbags and purses, get the best premium leather goods from Coach in Malaysia. Read the article below to know more about Coach Malaysia and find out how to spot a fake Coach product.


How to spot a fake Coach product

High-end designer bags tend to be risky particularly when it’s being purchased online. This is probably one of the reasons why people sway away from online shopping when it comes to luxury products. Thankfully, there are ways to tell a fake from the authentic version.


The first step to differentiating a beautifully designed Coach bag from a poorly designed knockoff is to inspect it thoroughly. Most Coach bags have a hefty price tag, not because of the brand name but is due to the materials used. One of the most common ways to determine whether a bag is real or fake is to check the stitching. Signs of a counterfeit product include loose stitching, crooked stitching, odd spacing, and over-stitching. Genuine Coach handbags have close to perfect stitching and that is the reason why Coach is well-known for its craftsmanship.

Other than that, you should examine the fabric and leather. In any area of the bag, there should not be any uneven designs. Moreover, the signature monogram bags will typically have “C” shapes in sets of two without any patterns being cut off. Due to the small shapes of certain bags, it is normal for the “C” shapes to be slightly off. An additional dead giveaway is when the pattern is something completely different such as a completely different letter, such as an “O” or a “G”.

However, if you want to double-check, you may contact the seller to request photos so that you can look at the stitching up close.

Coach creed

The Coach creed was introduced in the late 60s/early 70s without any serial number. The current day creeds have serial and style numbers. Moreover, bags that were made just for the Factory Stores will include an “F” before the style number. The tag within the handbag ought to include a style number, a registration number as well as relevant information about the origin of the product and how it was crafted. You will often see a style number without any registration number or vice versa with unauthentic bags.

Another hint that you should take notice of is the wordings on the tag inside. It should be perfectly spaced with no spelling errors. You would instantly know it’s a fake when there are any muddled words or misspellings.

Do take note that the smaller Coach products such as pouches or purses might not have a Coach creed. However, for the smaller products that do have the creed will not contain a style number or a registration number. This may be slightly confusing in particular if you want to identify whether the bag is the real thing or a knockoff.


Genuine Coach Bags are made with high-quality materials such as herringbone weave, straw, denim, sateen, canvas, embossed python or crocodile leather, shantung, and patent leather. Fake materials will usually peel off easily. The hardware on the bag may look like it is genuinely polished nickel; however, it can be simply determined whether it’s a heavy-duty or cheaper material by tapping it with your fingernail. The difference between a solid metal and a painted plastic can be easily felt.

Enamel hangtags and zippers

Generally, handbags that come with enamel hangtags should have a smooth finish. You can identify knockoff bags if it has raised lettering making it a dead giveaway that it is not authentic. If it is for the leather tag, embossed lettering is very common.

The difference between the two handbags can be seen in the zipper. For the genuine purse, the zipper has the lettering “YKK” engraved into it, while the fake will not have it. However, if you are still uncertain of the authenticity, simply check out how the purse zips. The genuine ones will most likely zip smoothly and easily without much tugging. This is because; the stitching is perfect and you should never find the zipper being caught on a seam or a stitch.

Other things to look out for

The product should look neat and sturdy without having it slouched to one side or lopsided. The cause of this is either the uneven lousy stitching or low-quality material. Coach will always use a leather or suede trim instead of leather or shiny plastic. You can tell the difference between leather and plastic in person, based on its smell.

Lastly, the manufacturing country says China; it does not indicate that it is fake. The reason is that most Coach products are crafted from there. However, China-made products can also be a show sign that the product might be fake and it is more deceiving than you’d think. Check out Shopee Malaysia for the best deals on Coach bags!

Coach Malaysia FAQs

What is the most popular Coach handbag?

One of the most popular Coach handbags is the Canteen crossbody bag. Coach is known to release bags with unconventional designs and the Canteen offers exactly that. It is a round crossbody bag that was released in Summer 2019. It’s available in brown with the C monogram, pink, white, black, yellow, and green, perfect colour choices for the summertime.

Is Coach a luxury brand?

Coach is a luxury fashion brand that is up to par with the likes of Gucci, Fendi, Dior, Valentino, and so on. The only difference is that Coach provides more entry-level products with lower price points. However, in terms of quality, Coach bags and leather products are on the same level as other luxury fashion labels.