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Back Support for Women

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Magnet ic Therapy Posture Corrector Brace Shoulder Back Support Belt
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Brand:: Neutral No brand without authorization made in China Material: Material: Diving cloth, Magnet, Elastic band, Size: S/M: 90cm, L/XL: 100cm Model:DH975 This product can effectively prevent snoring, and its Velcro design can provide users with different size and elastic requirements. When you first wear it, you are not used to it. After a while, you can gradually adapt and prevent suffocation. It is not only beneficial to you but it is important to provide a peaceful rest environment for your family. Applies to: the correction of posture mainly rely on mechanical principles, but also in the cervical spine and lumbar vertebrae set far-infrared health layer and magnetic massage stigma, in order to promote blood circulation, eliminate shoulder pain, prevent spine deformation, upright heroic effect . It is also possible to prevent young people from habitually having a thoracic hunchback and bending over. Instructions: 1. The user's height and waist size should be properly selected. After wearing, you should be able to feel the tension and pressure of the three force surfaces in the front shoulder area, the spine area and the waist and abdomen area. It should not be too tight or too loose. 2. Begin using for 1-2 hours from initial use. Gradually extend the wear time after adapting. From the perspective of time, it is not appropriate to wear it during sleep. 3. When used, it should be worn on the outside of the underwear, place the belly belt on the navel, and stick the Velcro to the position to achieve the best tension 4. Under normal circumstances, adhere to wear for 2-4 months Into a tall and straight bodybuilding posture, the body can be stopped after normal use. effect: 1. Prevent spinal deformity: It can effectively prevent non-pathological thoracic kyphosis and spine bending, correcting the bad posture of teenagers under dynamic and static conditions, and effectively help the body to maintain correct sitting, standing, walking and walking postures. 2Prevention of myopia: It can improve the short-distance vision caused by thoracic kyphosis, gradually restore reasonable eye distance, eliminate visual fatigue, correct false myopia, and eliminate the formation of myopia in the bud. 3 ease body fatigue: can make the body shoulder, back, waist, abdomen balanced force, relieve muscle fatigue, protect the waist, back safety, the body posture to maintain natural promotion, showing the best shape. It is suitable for all types of people who suffer from low back muscle fatigue, shoulder back pain, etc., who are engaged in long-term standing, sedentary positions, and long-term maintenance of the same posture. product keeper: 1. The water temperature during washing should not exceed 30°C. Do not use alkaline detergent. 2. Do not soak in water for a long time or place it with water for a long time to avoid fabric aging. 3. Dry naturally after washing, avoid exposure under the hot sun, avoid hot. 4. When not in use, please clean and ventilate and place

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