Cover your nether regions with the best underwear sets in Malaysia. Nothing to be shy about it Find out how you can customize your underwear to suit any ensemble here.


Underwear sets you need to have

Underwear fashion is something that we rarely think about. As long as we’re comfortable with your pair of undies, little concerns us. You may think that underwear style doesn’t matter because no one sees them, but did you know underwear can be a fashion accessory as well as a kinky piece of clothing when making love?

Going Commando is not made for everyone. That’s why for the most of us, underwear presents the best option to keep our ‘package’ comfortably protected from curious eyes. Typically men prefer briefs, boxers or boxer briefs. For women, the range of bras and panties present the best option for comfort and sensual styling, while boxer briefs and thongs give variety to your undergarment wardrobe. Let’s look at more specific types of underwear for men and underwear for women.

Types of underwear sets for men

Briefs – Probably the most common among underwear worn by men in Malaysia, briefs are V-shaped underwear that fit snugly around your waist. With a pouch in the front and full covered backside, these bad boys give you the support you need.

Boxers – Made for ventilation and a feeling of freedom around the nether regions, boxers give a grown-up impression. They are sometimes called boxer shorts too.

Boxer-briefs – If the boxer made love to a brief, the resulting lovechild would be the boxer-brief. Hugging the waist with longer sleeves flowing down your thighs, boxer-briefs offer comfort style and support without the fuss. Tip: Women prefer boxer-briefs over boxers or briefs on men.

Thongs – Think you’re brave enough? Try thongs. Thongs are smaller underwear with the least fabric among all the underwear types. With a little pouch/cup at the front fastened to the waist with either a string or strap, you’ll have maximum exposure.

Types of underwear for women

Bras – Ladies, give that chest a rest with the right bra. Bras come in all sizes and fashions. From push-up bras, strapless bras and sports bras, to the stick-on bras and nude-coloured bras, the variety is vast. Just like choosing friends, the right one will support you, while the wrong one will suffocate you. So choose wisely.

Panties – the most common underwear for women in Malaysia are panties. Panties offer the most support with breathable fabric to wrap neatly around No Man’s Land. The right size of panties offers lasting comfort – you won’t even remember you’re wearing them. Just browse here for more panties variety.

Thongs & G-strings – step up your game with a pair of thongs or G-strings. Although thongs have a bad reputation for being associated with promiscuous behaviour, they serve a purpose besides just to attract attention. Thongs can avoid VPL (visible panty line) along with many other benefits. Want to spice things up in the bedroom? Looking for comfortable clothing to sleep in? Try iprice’s range of lingerie too.

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