In recent years, due to the more casual atmosphere of most workplaces, women are not required to wear pantyhose anymore. However, it would really elevate your look if you wear pantyhose at some events or occasions. Read more about pantyhose in Malaysia and easy ways to put them on.


Easy Ways to Put On Pantyhose

Ever since the 20th century, pantyhose have become an essential item in a woman’s attire. You would look extra polished and well put-together if you complete your ensemble with pantyhose. Wearing pantyhose would also be really helpful during the colder days so if you’re planning a trip abroad, get a set of pantyhose ready!

Due to its sheerness and material, putting on a pair of pantyhose can seem daunting. There are tips and tricks you can follow to make the process way easier.

Know Your Preferred Type

Pantyhoses come in different sheerness level, length, sizes, materials, and so on. Sheer pantyhose are thinner, but they are the closest to your skin tone. On the other hand, opaque pantyhose are slightly thicker, which makes them better for the colder months. They also come in regular top fit as well as control-top. The former is the normal, simpler fit while the latter provides extra support around the thigh area. Don’t forget to pick the right size, as well.

Do Some Prepping

Prep your legs and feet by shaving or waxing and moisturizing your skin afterward. Moisturizing is important because any rough patches on the skin can possibly tear your pantyhose. Make sure to also trim your nails and take off any sharp pieces of jewellery.

Have Patience

This is where the real test lies. You have to be extra careful when putting on your pantyhose to avoid ripping or damaging it. Position the pantyhose properly as it’s not easy to take them off again if you put it on the wrong way. Slowly and gently pull up your pantyhose until there is no excess fabric on your calves or thighs.

Best Brands for Pantyhose

There are so many pantyhose brands out there in the market, but the good ones are few. The top brands for pantyhoses include Hanes, DKNY, Spanx, Hue, and Calvin Klein.