Briefs are some of the most comfortable types of underwear one can buy. They not only feel good, but accentuate your sex appeal. This is why we Malaysians love our briefs. Here are more reasons why briefs are our favourite underwear.


Why Briefs are Malaysia’s Favourite Underwear Style

So here we are talking about underwear, in particular, briefs. Briefs were one of the first types of underwear ever invented. Before its time, people didn’t see the need for undergarments. In Malaysia, underwear used to be a taboo topic to be outwardly discussed about. But nowadays, with a more open mind-set and paradigm shift, people are comfortable talking about the types of underwear they choose. Consensus have found that most Malaysians (men) prefer wearing briefs as underwear. Let’s look at some characteristics of briefs that make them irresistible.

Briefs – Sometimes Less is More

The brief is a V-shaped underwear that is tight around the crotch area. Much like the tighty-whities we wore as kids, briefs wrap around your bum and give you the ultimate support you need to move around during the day. Your legs are entirely free of fabric unlike boxers. Briefs are great for keeping your junk intact with a tight fit. Briefs are also generally small and easy to put on.

Briefs Look and Feel Good

The first thing you’ll realise about briefs is there is no extra fabric. Unlike boxers, you won’t have to adjust it to fit under your pants. Briefs are your best friends. The support that briefs offer is unparalleled to any other type of underwear. Rest assured, your crotch area will be taken care of. Another benefit of briefs is that they make you look sexy. The classic underwear V-shape inclines your pelvis to look desirable. It directs all the attention to the sexiest areas. For men, your package will look bigger too.

Briefs are Low on Price Too!

Price wise, briefs are easy on your wallet. Compared to boxers or boxer briefs, briefs are much cheaper. You can even buy them in bulk. If you’re feeling kinky, go for briefs. There are a few types of briefs that are a turn on such as bikini brief, jock brief, fish net brief and T-back brief that show more skin to reveal a naughty side. Get those pheromones going with the right style of brief.

Overall, you’ll want to look for a brief that has character. One that compliments you as a person. Go for the colour, size and style that you love.

Shopping for briefs can sometimes be embarrassing due to the fact that we can’t try them on. The typical way of shopping for briefs requires you to remove one out of a box of 3, hold it to your waist and see if it will fit. Today though, shopping for underwear briefs in Malaysia is easy with online shopping. Avoid the hassle of going to the outlets to buy underwear. Check out the huge variety of briefs and other underwear available above and avoid the embarrassment. Happy shopping!