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Nude Bras

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Nude bras are essential in every woman’s wardrobe and picking a cut that flatters your body shape is just as important. Find out more about picking the right nude bra for yourself here!

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Picking the right Nude Bra for Every Occasion

Nude bras are deemed one of the most important and versatile bras that a woman should have in her drawer of lingerie. Especially useful due to their similarity to your skin colour, you can worry less about accidentally visible straps or obviously visible bras when wearing a lighter-coloured t-shirt. Nude bras also come in various cutting so you’ll be able to find one that suit your outfit and your needs. Listed below are a few popular cuttings of bras that also come in nude.

The Balconette Bra

The balconette bra is designed to show off the top half of the breasts and it does this by supporting the breast upwards rather than towards the center. They also come with a supportive band at the bottom which aids in pushing the breasts up. Which is why this sexy bra style is ideal for low-cut tops and dresses. This bra is a sexy and supportive option best suited for small to medium sized busts.

The Deep Plunge Bra

The center of the bra dips down to provide a deep U-shape while the paddings push your breasts up for a sexy cleavage. Which makes bra especially handy if your top or dress is sporting a plunging neckline. Due to the additional padding to help you attain your gorgeous cleavage, this type of bra is also suited to girls with smaller busts.

The Demi-cup Bra

The demi-cup covers half the breasts while it offers support to lift your breasts towards the front and center for added cleavage. It is flattering for girls of most breast sizes and shapes but will probably not be able to provide enough support for the girls with bigger busts.

The Push-up Bra

The cutting of the push-up bra is similar to a demi bra with the only difference in the additional paddings. The extra paddings found in push-up bras will help lift your breasts towards the center to help with cleavage and the illusion of a bigger bust. This style of bra can also be found with removable padding which makes it really useful for women with asymmetrical breasts as she can remove it on one side.

The Adhesive Bra

Definitely a key piece in every women’s wardrobe, the adhesive bra is the perfect option to offer support in even the most revealing fashion. Adhesive bras are normally backless, strapless and made of silicone. They include a medical-grade adhesive that will bind it to your body. Which makes this number a perfect solution to your strapless or backless dresses and tops!

The Essential Nude Bras

The bra cutting listed above can be found in nude tones. This prevents or makes any accidental bra showing under a lighter-coloured clothing less obvious. For certain bras, you can even replace the straps with transparent ones to make it less evident when you want to wear strapped-bras with tank tops or spaghetti-strap tops. You can also get your additional bra inserts here!