Sampin is an important traditional garment that all Malaysian men should own. This garment comes in very handy when Raya or somebody’s wedding comes around. Read all about sampin in Malaysia and how to properly put it on below!

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Everything You Need to Know About Sampin

When it comes to Malaysia’s traditional attire, many people might only be familiar with the women’s ensemble like baju kurung, kebaya, etc. However, men also have their own special attires. One of them is the sampin, often called the sampin songket as well.

What’s Sampin?

Sampin, or sampin songket, is a type of cloth that is worn along with your baju melayu. Baju melayu usually comprises of a loose tunic paired with trousers. Men often complete this ensemble with the addition of the kain sampin which is worn under the tunic but over the trousers.

How Do I Put On a Sampin?

You may think that putting on a sampin would only require wrapping it around your body and tying it securely. There are actually rules that one must follow when putting a kain sampin on. For single, unmarried men, the hem of the sampin must end above the knees. On the other hand, the sampin hem of a married man should end below the knees.

There are also three types of ikatan or knots that you can do with your sampin:

  • Ikatan Pancung - This knot will require you to gather the hems in the center and secure the fabric by tucking it inwards.
  • Ikatan Kembung - The typical knot worn by grooms on their wedding day. The sampin is folded in the middle and the ends tied together.
  • Ikatan Lingkup - A widely-used knot type, this requires you to roll up your sampin and tied on the side.

Now that you know some of the rules of wearing sampin, let’s move on to the tutorial. The first thing to do is wrap your sampin around your waist. Depending on your marital status, you can opt to fold or not to fold the top so that the hem could end below or above the knee. Then, choose your preferred knot type. Make sure each time you’re folding, they are neat and not a lot of creases are visible. Finally, secure them by tying the knot extra tight or by rolling the top.

Best Brands For Sampin

Sampin songket are widely available, either in physical shops or online stores. Check out sampin from Kasih, Zalora, or Jakel for affordable options.