Malaysia is a country rich in culture and traditions. The country’s national costumes vary, each imbued with a colourful history. Baju batik is one of the country’s traditional clothing and it is worn during all kinds of special celebrations. Discover more about Baju Batik lelaki and perempuan below.

What are the types of batik in Malaysia? | How to pair Baju Batik? | Where can I wear Baju Batik?

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Find Your Favourite Baju Batik Online Malaysia | Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping for the right baju batik can be a little challenging especially when you go on a quest for the most suitable baju batik at the malls. Instead of going from one boutique to another, how about shopping at just one destination? And that is at iPrice! We aggregate a wide selection of baju batik from various popular online shopping sites like Zalora, Lazada, YOOX, and Shopee - just to name a few. This is so that you can compare prices between different baju batik and find the best deal for yourself.

Without further ado, let's learn more about baju batik through some frequently asked questions below.

What are the types of batik in Malaysia?

There are many types of batik found across Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia where each province has its own version of the fabric. However, there are two types of batik in Malaysia: block-printed and hand-painted. The difference lies in the production method; the former uses a tool to make the process faster while the latter is a traditional way of making batik that can be traced all the way to the 12th century.

Baju batik is made of only the best materials, hence most baju batik you're getting in Malaysia are of high quality and can last for many years. Modest and comfortable, baju batik is suitable for everyday wear even in hot weather. There are two types of Baju Batik - long-sleeve and short-sleeve. Depending on the occasion, the former is rather suitable for formal occasions while the latter is most commonly worn in casual settings.

How to pair Baju Batik?

You can achieve a classy look by pairing your Baju Batik with black trousers or straight cut jeans.

Where can I wear Baju Batik?

Batik clothing can be worn on many special occasions such as rumah terbuka (Open House), Hari Raya, weddings, Ramadan celebration, jamuan (banquet), and semi-formal meeting with clients.

What are the best batik shops in Malaysia?

Some of the best batik shops in Klang Valley are Kapten Batik, Bayou Batik, Bebenang Suci, batik Tektura, Batika, Biar Batik, and more. You may also find high-quality baju batik online through shops like Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, and Fashion Valet. These trusted online merchants are known to have grand sales whenever the holy month rolls around so prep yourself for a baju batik shopping spree!

Bandingkan Harga Terbaru untuk dapatkan Baju Batik yang Tersesuai

Selain rumah terbuka, Baju Batik juga boleh dipakai untuk pertunangan dan pernikahan. Beli Baju Batik Original murah online dengan daftar harga terbaru di iPrice sekarang!