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Baju Melayu which literally translates to ‘Malay shirt’ is a traditional garment worn by men particularly during major religious holidays in Malaysia. Get the best Baju Melayu, Baju Melayu Moden, Baju Melayu Tradisional, Baju Tradisional Melayu, Baju Melayu Online, Baju Melayu Hipster, Baju Melayu Slim Fit in Malaysia and learn about everything you need to know about the garment below.

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RM 96.00

BAJU MELAYU MODERN FIRDAUS BY FEEQ CLEARANCE SALE!! FREE POSTAGES SM/SS . LUXURY GERMANY COTTON . BAJU MELAYU FIRDAUS menggunakan “cooling material” diimport khas dari luar negara. kebiasaanya baju melayu mengunakan fabric SATIN tapi kali ni feeq membawa kelainan mengunakan fabric luxury germany cotton supaya terletak kemas dekat badan dan paling penting tidak beralun . Fabric dia siyesly mampu memberi effect “mewah”, “nyaman” dan yang paling best ‘tak mudah renyuk tapi senang iron!”. . . REKAAN BAJU MELAYU MODERN . REKAAN BAJU MELAYU FIRDAUS NI berkonsepkan SMART FIT . tak ketat di dada dan tak terlalu longgar tapi betul2 ngam terletak.. sgtt kemass .. seluar pula cutting straight cut tak la nampak kembang mcm pakai kain pelikat,.. confirm! bro paling kacak dan smart raya nnt. . . ZIP DI BAHAGIAN TEPI BAJU . Special nya baju melayu firdaus ni mempunyai zip sorok dibahagian baju, kami memudahkan bro nak pakai baju melayu modern ni takpayah la susah nak cari kawan tolong tarik bila nak buka baju. apa macam? terbaikk kan ? kan? . . POCKET DISEBELAH KIRI . FEEQ dah ada siapkan pocket TERSEMBUNYI disebelah kiri baju. baju melayu modern ini hanya mempunyai 1 poket sahaja di belah kiri baju dan juga dua poket di seluar disebelah kiri dan kanan. . . SULAMAN LOGO EXCLUSIVE . baju melayu ada logo yang disulam tau. Bukan nya tampal2! Memang Nampak “high class”. Sesuailah dengan jahitan yang kemas. Confirm bila pakai nanti akan ada yang tanya “ baju melayu ni awak beli dekat butik mana eh #bajumelayu #bajuraya #bajumelayumoden #bajumelayumurah #bajumelayudewasa #bajumelayucotton #bajumelayucekakmusang

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Baju Melayu Ilham (Saiz S-3XL & 4-14) Sedondon Raya . Baju Raya . Muslim Wear
RM 59.00 RM 89.00

#PleaseCheckSizeProperlyCozNoExchangeSizeWithOfferItem!... #AskMeForStockAvailableBeforePlaceOrderCozLimitedStock... BAJU MELAYU ILHAM Sedondon . Price : Dewasa : RM139.00 Kanak2 : RM89.00 Postage : Free Pos . APA YG BESTNYA DENGAN BAJU MELAYU ILHAM,SET AYAH & ANAK NI??👇 ⚘ILHAM ini diilhamkan dari baju melayu Asli Tradisional yang mengekalkan keasliannya. ⚘Menggunakan material SATIN VALENTINO yang berkualiti tinggi pastinya nampak EKSKLUSIF dan Keselesaan kepada Si Pemakai. ~ material sejuk...pakai tgh hari pun tak panas tau.. ~free butang, x pyh pikir nak cari butang dah.. ⚘ Pilihan saiz dewasa & kanak-kanak • Dewasa : S ~ 3XL • Kanak-kanak : 4~14 ⚘ Mempunyai 8 pilihan warna . HM01 Navy Blue HM02 Green HM03 DustyGreen HM04 Beige HM05 DustyPink HM06 Lavender HM07 PurpleGrey HM08 DarkBrown . Note : 📄Please ask for stock Available first before place order! 📄Every Size cannot listed coz not enough space.... 📄Please state what size at remark or chat with admin. 📄All Ready Stock! Payment before 11.00am will post out at same day. . #bajumelayu #bajuraya #bajumurah#bajulelaki #sedondonayahanak #sedondonraya #bajubudak #menfashion #menclothing #kidsfashion #kidsclothing #boyswear #boysclothing #sitiscollection . BAJU MELAYU ILHAM@19.05.2018 Price after Offer : Dewasa RM89/Kanak2 RM59 HM01 : 2XL 3XL(4) 4(4) 6(2) 8(2) 12 HM02 : S(4) M(5) L(4) XL(4) 2XL(5) 3XL(4) 4(6) 8(7) 10(5) 12(7) 14(5) HM03 : S(3) 2XL(5) 3XL(4) 4(2) 6(4) 8(4) 10(2) 12(7) HM04 : S(2) M(5) L(3) 2XL(4) 3XL(5) 4(5) 6(4) 8(4) 10(3) 12(6) 14 HM05 : 2XL(2) 3XL(5) 4(4) 6(4) 8(1) 10(4) 12 HM06 : M(2) 2XL(4) 3XL(5) 4(2) 6(3) 8(2) 10(2) 12(2) 14(2) HM07 : S(2) M L(5) XL(2) 2XL(5) 3XL(6) 4 6(10) 8 HM08 : S(6) M(2) L(4) XL(2) 2XL(7) 3XL(3) 4(3) 6(5) 8(5) 10(6) 12(6) 14(5)

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Everything you need to know about Baju Melayu

The Baju Melayu has been around for more than 500 years and was first made widely popular by the Sultan of Malacca named Tun Hassan Temenggong. There are actually two variations of the Baju Melayu which are known as Baju Kurung Cekak Musang and the Baju Kurung Teluk Belanga.

The Malaccan Empire was known as the strongest in the region which stretched from Sumatra in the South and Thailand in the North. The Strait of Malacca was not only used by merchant ships, it was also a cross-traffic barter trade as well as maritime trade. Traders from surrounding countries such as India, China, Middle East, and Europe were trading at this location.

Due to the arrival of foreigners, various fashion styles were also brought to Malacca. Sooner or later, it influenced the Baju Melayu which is a combination of loose fitting styles from the Arabs and Indians, while the trousers and pants were from the Mongols and Turks. It is also influenced by the Europeans based on their simple and elegant styles.

The evolution of Baju Melayu

During the Malaccan Empire in the 15th Century, it was said that the Malay men wore simple attires which resembled the outfits of Silat performers. The style of the attire was short sleeved and tight-fitting.

It was not until Tun Hassan Temenggong redesigned the Baju Melayu by extending the overall length of the shirt dress. He also made it loose-fitting where the shirt dress widens all the way down along with the sleeves of the shirt. The purpose of the design was so that wearers were able to fold the sleeves up when it comes to having a meal. Although the modern day Baju Melayu has been made accustomed to the newer trends, the cut remains similar to the original design.

Moral code of wearing Baju Melayu

There are actually certain traditional practices and ethics that need to be followed by Malays when it comes to wearing the Baju Melayu. If you take note of the Cekak Musang which is the name given for the shirt, you will notice that there are five buttons – two at the collar region and three on the upper body. The five buttons represent the five pillars of Islam which are Shahada, Salat, Zakat, Fasting, and Pilgrimage to Mecca, due to the fact that Malays follow the Islamic faith.

As a fashion style, the Baju Melayu cannot be tight-fitted due to ethical reasons. The reason being that when Muslims perform their Islamic prayers, they are required to bend and sit a couple of times. Other than that, the attire is a significant attire during major religious festivals such as Aidil Fitri and Aidil Adha.

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