Baju kurung is one of Malaysia’s traditional attires for women and they are typically worn during special celebrations like weddings and the Islamic new year. Nowadays, baju kurung comes in all shapes and sizes, including the modern baju kurung, also known as baju kurung moden. Find out more about baju kurung moden below.

What is baju kurung made of? | What are the types of baju kurung? | How much is a baju kurung moden in Malaysia? | Where can I buy baju kurung moden?


Baju Kurung Moden for the Modern Malaysian Women

Who says traditional attires can’t be a fashion statement as well? Baju kurung moden is the perfect ensemble to let your personal style shine while staying modest in a formal setting. Baju kurung moden comes in many styles including baju kurung peplum, baju kurung lace, and more. With this modern baju raya, Malaysian women everywhere can stand out during Raya open houses, weddings, engagements, and more.

What is baju kurung made of?

Baju kurung in Malaysia can be made from all kinds of fabrics, depending on the design the wearer chooses. Traditional baju kurung are usually made with batik sarong and woven fabric that was handmade by women in the kampong or village. Modern baju kurung, on the other hand, have more freedom when it comes to the materials used. You can even splurge on luxury embellishments like Swarovski diamonds for its decor.

What are the types of baju kurung?

The two most common types of baju kurung are teluk belanga and cekak musang. Baju kurung teluk belanga originates in Johor and was popularised due to Sultan Abu Bakar’s request that all women must wear dresses that end below the knee. The blouse is differentiated by having no collars. It is embellished in all kinds of embroidery including tulang belut, mata lalat, and insang pari. The baju kurung teluk belanga is considered the most popular and standard style of baju kurung.

Baju kurung cekak musang is quite similar to teluk belanga style with the exception of the collared blouse. This style usually features a standing collar complete with buttonholes. Many have said that the collared blouse was inspired by traditional styles from China and India.

Baju kurung styles can also be divided based on the states that it originated from. For instance, baju kurung from Kedah, the northernmost state in Malaysia, is said to have taken influence from Thailand as the blouse is shorter than other types of baju kurung, akin to the shirts worn by women in our neighbouring country,

How much is a baju kurung moden in Malaysia?

The price of a modern baju kurung set depends on the design as well as the brand. For instance, if you opt for a ready-made set from Zalora, you can get it in the low hundreds. However, if you choose to design your own baju kurung with the help of a tailor, you need to consider the budget for the fabrics, decor, and tailor fees.

Where can I buy baju kurung moden?

You can get your set of baju kurung moden through online stores like Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora. Shop for baju kurung moden as well as other Raya necessities like baju kebaya, baju Melayu, songkok, telekung, and more. Get special price and offers when you shop on iPrice.

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