Crop tops are some of the most creative types of blouses a woman can have. Characterized by its low midriff, exposing the belly or a section of your stomach, this garment serves as a cute, sexy, and stylish way to show your fashion fierceness. Take a look at available crop tops online to know new exciting ways to wear a crop top.

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Crop Tops - What you Need to Know

In contrary to popular belief, crop tops have been around since the 80s where these garments are worn as aerobic outfit, usually in neon colours and are paired with leotards and leg warmers. During the late 80s and early 90s, crop tops plummeted down due to the popularity of the punk and grunge scenes but were later revived during the mid to late 90s with the rise of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. While most of us would rather forget its origins in the 80s, crop tops today are now more versatile, and edgy boasting different fabrics, styles, and designs.

Why you should own a crop top

Aside from being a major fashion choice by many celebrities today, crop tops are garments that every girl must have; here are reasons why:

  • Crop tops are fabulous ways you can show your edgy side. It’s a fabulous, unique, and exciting new way to wear a top!
  • Crop tops can be worn by anyone and everyone! Regardless of how big your belly is, you can wear a crop top and still look fabulous!
  • While some might hesitate to wear one because of how it reveals your midriff but when you get around it, you will instantly feel beautiful and confident.
  • Crop tops are great summer outfits! You can wear them during your summer escapades or if you feel like it’s too humid any day.
  • With the right type of crop top, you can go from 0 to 100 in an instant!

How to Pull Off a Look with a Crop Top

Because of its coverage or the lack thereof, a lot of people are not inclined to wear a crop top. What many people don't know is that there are no boundaries to wearing one regardless of weight or size. Crop tops make you feel confident and no one should say otherwise. To help you rock your look, here are some great tips that would make your crop top look awesome.

  • If you're afraid of showing too much skin or are conscious about wearing a crop top, a blazer or an open cardigan would help you get rid of your anxiety.
  • Another way to wear a crop top without being too conscious about it is by layering it with denim overalls.
  • For a festival look, pair your crop top with some high-waisted shorts and a thin belt. Don't forget your flower crown and some tassel accessories!
  • A skater skirt on a crop top would always look good!
  • A fitting crop top would look good in high-waisted baggy pants and vice versa.

Crop tops are an edgy, cute, and feminine garment that every woman must-have. Check out the best crop tops from different brands such as Forever 21, Something Borrowed,Zaloraand so much more!