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Boyfriend Shirts Malaysia: Be Chic And Trendy With Boyfriends Shirts

Boyfriend shirt is the “IT” thing in the fashion world right now. If you do not own one, then you are definitely left behind. For those who are a little clueless about boyfriend shirts, let us tell you that they are not literally the shirts you can steal from your boyfriend’s closet but they are long and loose fitting shirts. But of course, you can save money by just taking your boyfriend’s shirt. Many of the ladies out there are unaware that they can be creative with boyfriend shirts and put their outfits together to create some sexy and trendy look. Well, you are about to find out some very interesting things about boyfriend shirts.

Boyfriend Shirts Malaysia: How To Choose A Cool Boyfriend Shirt

  • Get them in cool colours, solid and basic colours, strips, and checked. Yes, because all the options can help you create different looks. Some would look great on skirts meanwhile some would look amazing on jeans. You just need to experiment to find out your perfect style.
  • Boyfriend shirts generally have long sleeves so you definitely wouldn’t want to leave any sweat stains on your shirt. Thus, make sure your boyfriend shirts are made of good fabric quality. Opt for cotton polyester blend or cotton nylon spandex blend for a comfortable look.
  • Don’t strictly follow the measurement rules. Ensure that your boyfriend shirt is loose fitting and comfortable. When you button up your shirt, and if it stretches at the bust area, then go for a size larger.

Boyfriend Shirts Malaysia: How To Style Your Boyfriend Shirt

  • Pair up your boyfriend shirt with a denim shorts. Balance the outfit by wearing tight fitting shorts. If you are looking for a more boyish and sexy look, just tuck the shirt in. The trend that never dies is a combination of checked shirt and denim shorts. Try it out and you will be impressed.
  • Imagine clash of titans! Yes this look combines two great outfits and the result is just amazing. Wear your boyfriend shirt on top of your dress. The dress give a feminine look meanwhile the boyfriend shirts give an edgy look. In whole, you will get a sexy and irresistible outfit that anyone would die for.
  • Get creative by turning your boyfriend shirt into a strapless dress. Yes, you can do work it out by cleverly pinning your shirt at the right places. Just ensure that you have secured them well so that it does not come off.
  • Now get a glamorous look with your boyfriend shirt. Can’t imagine how? Well, simply pair a basic colour boyfriend shirt with a long sequined or glittery skirt. The effect would be gorgeous and amazing! Try it out for your next dinner party!

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