Blouses are one of those clothing items you can never go wrong with. They’re loose, airy, and super comfortable to be worn in any weather. It helps that they ca be extremely affordable too so you don’t have to break bank account to stay trendy. Read more about blouses below.


Every Woman Should Know These Things about Blouses

This is one of the necessities all women should always have on hand in their wardrobe. You can wear blouses to any event or any types of occasion, with the exception of black tie and formal events. They are lightweight, usually made from cotton or chiffon and are easy to pair with other items of clothing.

What exactly are blouses

The use of blouses can be traced back to as early as the 1800’s. It was worn as a woman’s informal wear or undergarment inspired by what peasants used to wear. Typically make of silk or cotton, they usually have blooming sleeves with a v-neck collar. In the modern times, however, the blouse has moved from informal wear to a versatile piece of clothing. Dignitaries, celebrities, and normal people have all worn them to many types of occasions.

Different types of blouses

Many people perceive all blouses as one kind of shirt: a flowy top with buttons. While that may be the case for some blouses, there are actually many kinds of blouses available for you to wear.

  • The saree blouse or choli is worn by South Asian women as a top when wearing their traditional clothing and dresses.
  • Sleeveless blouses are suitable to be worn in the summer or underneath a jacket or blazer.
  • Plaid or patterned blouses are more casual; one can wear this to the office, a party, or for a day filled with errands.
  • Button down blouses can be worn more formally than the patterned or plaid blouse, suitable to be worn under suit jackets.
  • Long-sleeved Muslimah blouses are worn by Muslim women to cover up their body or awrah.

Blouse styling tips

To always look stylish when wearing a blouse, you should know firsthand what kind of outfit goes well with your body type. Fortunately for women with wide hips, you can opt for blouses that are long and flowy enough to cover your hip. Petite and those with a banana body type should tuck in their blouses into their pants or skirts so they don’t look like they are drowning in their clothing.

You should also figure out the most suitable blouse outfit for every occasion. For a casual look, pair it with some denim jeans and roll up the sleeves of a long-sleeved blouse, finished with a pair of heels, wedges, or ballerina flats. A summer look can be achieved by tucking in your blouse into an A-line midi skirt with the sleeves let down. Finally, for a trendy office wear look, wear a flattering pencil skirt with the blouse with the sleeves also let down and a pair of sophisticated heels.

Complement your blouse with some jeans, skirts, and cardigans.