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Trunks in Malaysia

Surf’s up dude!

Time to get fit doing laps in the pool. Time to grab those trunks and dive into the cooling water. Don’t have trunks? Well, you’re in luck! iprice has the best selection of swim trunks available in Malaysia. Swimming trunks are the most appropriate swimwear anyone could wear for swimming. As swimming rules and regulations are somewhat strict in Malaysia, swimming trunks are the most accepted form of swimwear. You could literally wear them to any swimming pool. Let’s look at some interesting information about swimming trunks in Malaysia. Navigate through the links below.

Streamlined for performance swimming

If you’ve ever watched the Olympics swimming or diving events, you’ll realise that all of the divers wear some sort of trunks. This is because swimming trunks were made for performance. The highest standard of synthetic fabrics combined with years of research in aerodynamics has powered search for the perfect swimming attire. This search has given birth to trunks.

Swimming trunks were made to hug the contour of your body. This streamlined shape allows for an aerodynamic movement through water fluidity. The dynamics behind each trunk is fitted to allow water to gently glide over your body as you move through it.

Types of trunks

Basically, there are two types of trunks: Bermuda shorts and slim swim trunks.

Bermuda shorts as swim attire

Bermuda shorts are the type we particularly see on the beach. These laidback swimwear give a casual feel to any outing. Usually a little higher than knee-level, Bermuda shorts provide protection from the sun and an airy feel to your bottom half. Bermuda shorts are available in many designs and colours. Floral patterns, tribal designs, rainbow colours and pastel colours are all part of the allure of Bermuda shorts.

Slim swim trunks

When we talk about swim trunks, we generally refer to the slim swim trunks. Slim swim trunks are mainly made as swim trunks for men. These slick swimwear enable you to cut through water and without much resistance. This smooth motion allows for quick manoeuvring through water. Much like a dolphin, you’ll be able to glide through smooth. Available in many colours and patterns, the most popular of which are solid blue and black shades.

The biggest brands of swimwear

So you’re looking for swim trunks? We’ve got the best swim trunks for you right here. Swim trunks from all your favourite brands such as Arena, American Eagle and Cotton On are available on iprice at amazing discounts. You can find all the best swimwear online in Malaysia at iprice. Shop online and you too could get the best for your swimming experience. Happy shopping!

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