Trunks are a hybrid type of men’s underwear which is tighter-fitting like briefs. If you are in the market for one, there are some things you need to keep in mind to find the right trunks.

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How to Buy Men’s Trunks in Malaysia

With countless brands on the market serving up a plethora of designs and colors, it’s not surprising that a lot of men find themselves sticking to the same type of underwear over and over again. Although there's nothing wrong with that, if you think about your other clothes, it does seem that underwear is almost always at the bottom of men’s priority list.

If you think you might need some help when buying underwear then take note of the following.

Determine Your Fitting

Trunks in Malaysia offer great support and style, making them the most popular choice. They are a cross between the out-of-style briefs and looser boxers. Meanwhile, if you're looking for the most comfortable option, then boxers are the ideal choice. They are great for sauntering on a Sunday morning. Design-wise, they offer extra support, making them very comfortable.

If you prefer to wear tight-fitting legwear styles such as chinos, well-fitted shorts, and skinny jeans, chinos, then you need a pair of trunks. Otherwise, you’ll be having problems with your overly loose boxers, as they begin to ride up and pop out of the top of your jeans. If you prefer to wear loose-fitting trousers, on the other hand, such as loose jeans and joggers, then boxers are the most suitable option for you.

Use Size Charts

Most brands and stores in Malaysia offer a sizing chart for your reference. Once you’ve determined your style, make sure to buy the right size. There’s no reason to go for a well-fitted style if you buy one that is too big. Make sure to get this right, so you can’t go far wrong with other aspects. Since you can't return underwear, you'll be wasting money if they don't fit properly.

Go for Cotton

Cotton is breathable material that is durable and will keep irritation at bay. Don’t opt for cheap materials, as they can lead to an uncomfortable experience when you’re walking or sitting. If you’ve got the budget, you could always buy one that is made from premium materials.

Replace After Several Months

Make sure to replace your trunks after several months or when you think they look worn-out. If you see that the elastic band appears less taught, there are frays in the stitching, they’ve shrunk or have lost their color, then it’s time to replace your underwear.

Spend Wisely

Most brands offer multi-packs which are typically priced cheaper compared to buying separately. Trunks are also a form of underwear that if you buy premium ones, they will stay looking fresher for longer. However, not all people can spend a premium amount of cash for underwear. That's why it's important to hunt out those great deals for underwear in Malaysia and invest what you can, getting as many boxers or trunks as you can in one pack.

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