Since everyone will be in their bikini this summer, step out of the norm and be the limelight in a tankini. But what tankini should you buy? Read on more to find out.

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Tankinis Malaysia: Get your favourite Tankini online

Tankinis Malaysia: Your summer wardrobe must-have

What time is it? Its summer time! When the school is out, the warm sun and the white sandy beach welcomes you with open arms. Summer is all about fun in the sun which is a good enough reason for you to get a new swimsuit or a tankini. Forget about getting a bikini, a monokini or a one piece for a tankini is the new black. Get inspired by these great Hollywood A-listers who were seen rocking their amazing body in a tankini as they splash around under the sun – Miranda Kerr, Stephanie Seymour, Alessandra Ambrosio, Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce, and Monica Bellucci.

Tankinis Malaysia: The new in-thing

You would have heard or know what a one piece or a bikini is. But who knows what a tankini is? How is it different than any other swimsuit? Here goes – A tankini is a two piece swimsuit, nothing like a bikini as it does not show as much. It is the perfect solution if you want something that balances the “pure angelic” and the “sexy as hell” look. It provides enough coverage just like a normal one-piece swimsuit but bares just enough to drive the onlookers crazy. And also, if you would like to hide that certain problematic body parts that is so not on the appealing side, the tankini is your answer to looking fantabulous even with your flaws. A tankini is what you need for the summer! Get yours from these amazing brands – Beach Date, Little Dolphin, Morning Dew and Seabreeze.

Tankinis Malaysia: Flattering for every body type

Just like any other swimsuits, tankinis are not created in just one type, they come is an array of styles, cuts and colours. Listed here are the different types of tankinis to help you figure out which are the ones you need in your summer wardrobe.

Halter Tankini

A halter top style has a wide, thick strap that fastens around the next. It is especially designed for women who are heavier on top, with bigger bustline, as the straps will be extra supportive. Usually, halter top tankinis are designed with underwire to hold everything in place and for that much needed lift. It is available in several neckline styles – straight cut horizontal neckline, deep V neckline and a shirred neckline. Though the halter top works well with all type of figures, it perfectly flatters the women with medium to large bustline.

Push-Up Bra Tankini

This push-up bra top has all the similar qualities to the magical push up bra. IT supports what you have and gives you what you don’t have. This is a good chance for someone who is small chested to dream big, as the added padding gives your chest an extra boost. For those who never had cleavage, with this push up bra top, you can have that fabulous line that gives an illusion of a fuller bust.

Plunging Tankini

A plunging neckline is not for the faint hearted (or for the insecure individuals) as it oozes with sex appeal. This type of top works well with women who are with small to medium chest size. Since it does not have any underwire, you are looking at your precious item falling out or just feeling extremely uncomfortable. So if you do not have the confident, do not attempt to head out anywhere in this style.

Tankinis Malaysia: Exposing just what you need exposed

Just because you or your body is not bikini ready, it does not mean that it is the end of the world. You can still be sexy and confident yet hiding in all the unappealing features in a tankini. It is the heaven given answer for those women who wants to bare something but not everything. So no matter what shape you are – curvy, busty, skinny or boy-shaped, there is one tankini out there that will emphasize only the positive and de-emphasize the negative.