Throw your bikinis away for that trend is long gone. What you need for your beach gateway today is a monokini. Know more about these amazing creation here.

Shopee Lazada

Monokinis in Malaysia – Allowing you to be the beautiful limelight

The swimsuit has come a long way since the Victorian era where women have to creep timidly from their horse-drawn changing cabins straight into the sea, fully clothed in costumes that cover nearly everything. But thank god that era is so over because there is just no way are we going to the beach fully covered unless we want an immediate weight lost (from all the sweat and heat).

When it comes to Malaysian ladies, their selected swimwear allows them to flaunt their sexy curves and their beautiful, exotic tanned skin. While the obvious option would be bikinis, but everybody else would also be in one. Be that change and stand out in a monokini, a one-piece version of the bikini but with the same daring vibe.

Monokini – Changing the way Malaysians look at swimsuits

Do you know that not all women’s swimsuit are about its look, some are designed solely for the use of athletic performance or for practical wear for fitness swimming. But no, monokini are not created for these athletic purposes. It is purely for you to look good in, along-side it’s other siblings – the bikini and tankini.

A monokini is a revealing one-piece suit and has lesser materials compared to the traditional one-piece. It is usually based on a two-piece suit design, but is linked together by fabric, mesh or chains (usually in the front only). Other designs are based on their traditional sister, but with large cut-out areas, exposing your skin – back, sides or/and belly. The extra piece between the top and the bottom is only to tease the eye, to attract just as many views as a bikini would or maybe even more!

Monokini – Picking the best one for your silhouette

The goal of wearing a monokini is to enhance certain areas of your body that give you the most confidence.

  • Enhancing your bust – monokini with a plunging V neckline and a brighter or lighter colour on the upper part of the suit that the lower would surely bring the eye upwards to your beautiful assets.
  • Minimize the rear – get the direction upwards using the same colour and cut. Make the rear look smaller by choosing a monokini that features a dark color and good coverage on the bottom.
  • Hiding the ugly - If the belly is a problem, choose a monokini that covers the belly but shows off the hips and sides. If the hips are a problem, choose a monokini that covers the hips but exposes the belly.
  • Slimming - avoid horizontal stripes and large patterns.

The different types of Monokini

Webbing, mesh, lacework, chains, gold or silver hoops, gems and metallic trim are just a few of the added embellishments that makes your monokini even more special. Some of the other type of monokini include –

  • The Padded Monokini
  • The Push-up Padded Monokini
  • The Halter Monokini
  • The String Tie Monokini
  • The Strapless Monokini
  • The Plunge Monokini

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