Many people underestimate the importance of wearing calf compression sleeves. However, it has become increasingly popular amongst runners and athletes today. Read more about the reasons why you should be wearing calf compression sleeves.


Reasons to Wear Compression Sleeves and Socks

Marathon runners have been sporting calf compression sleeves for several years whenever they attend any running events. However, regular runners seldom sport them because they feel that these compression sleeves are unnecessarily and are just another accessory that they can live without. Here are a few justifications to rationalize why you should start wearing calf compression sleeves when you go for your future runs:

Provides Protection for your Calves

Do you end up with occasional scratches on your calves after running, especially if you are running through a trail with plants alongside the route? Some of these scrapes might be harmless and barely leave marks but some might cause irritations. Calf compression sleeves is useful to protect your legs from small scratches, abrasions, and nasty things like poison ivy that you might encounter on the trail.

Prevents Swelling

Sometimes, our calves may swell when we are done running. Compression technology has been scientifically proven to limit swelling, especially in people who spend all day on their feet. Hence, calf compression sleeves are also able to reduce the swelling of your calves, especially after a marathon or long-distance run. If swelling is an issue that you face regularly, compression sleeves can help to take the inflammation down.

Alleviate Minor Pains

Another benefit provided by compression sleeves is that they can reduce minor pains such as shin splints, tendonitis, and cramps while running. While these sleeves are unable to completely make these problems, they can help you to get through a workout or race without having to deal with any discomfort. Compression will also improve the blood flow through your leg muscles, which results in higher oxygen levels. The increased blood flow is also beneficial for recovery of your muscles. Recovery is a key to success in running because it prevents injuries accumulated over time. Simply said, if you can recover faster, then you can run harder and more often.

Boost Performance

The advantages provided by calf compression sleeves are not only limited to those who have injuries or merely for health benefits. These sleeves help to improve the performance as well as prevent your leg muscles from tiring as quickly. This is because compression prevents some of the vibration in the muscles. Over time while we are running, the vibrations will accumulate and cause the muscles to tire. Compression causes the muscles to vibrate less, thus preventing the muscles from tiring too fast.

Promotes Cooling

Many compression sleeves today are made from moisture-wicking material which keeps you cool in the hot Malaysian weather. Comfort plays a major part in your performance, so if you feel comfortable when you run, you will naturally perform better.

Gather Dirt

When we go for runs outdoors, we cannot help it but get some dirt on our calves especially when we are running on muddy trails or after it has just rained. Well, calf compression sleeves will collect the dirt on them rather than on your legs. This leads to lesser time in the shower after workouts, perfect for individuals who are living a hectic lifestyle.