Tutus were made popular by ballerinas back in the 1800s which were originally made of projecting layers of stiffened sheer. Today, the modern-day tutus are not only worn by little girls but as a fashion statement by many women. Get the best tutu in Malaysia and learn how to wear the clothing item below.

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A Guide to Wearing Tutu Skirts

As of recent, tutu inspired skirts have been making their way into mainstream fashion lines. Wearing a tutu skirt as an adult may pose some challenges. Nonetheless, there are ways to look good in it without looking like a small kid. Read on to learn more

Wear it over another skirt

A great way to wear tutus is to use it as a petticoat as it fills out a skirt by giving it a fuller appearance. Do consider wearing the tutu with a slightly shorter skirt so that you can show just a peek of the tulle hem. There are many dresses and skirts in the market these days that are made with a false tutu hem.

Pair it with a leather jacket

Simply toughen the look of a tutu by pairing it with a leather jacket. As of late, this combination of feminine and edgy has been a very popular. You can also pair the skirts with tough footwear such as military style boots. For a more casual look, try it with a denim jacket.

Wear it with a corset top

A corset helps give a streamlined look and balances out the flowy tutu. For a bit more drama, you can try a contrasting colour.

Go casual with a plain T-shirt or tank top

If you prefer a casual look, go for something simple like a T-shirt or tank top. For tutus that are high-waisted, a bodysuit will be a great pairing. This style also works well with a wide belt.

Work it with a knitwear

Tutus may look like a fun apparel, but you can make it look professional by pairing it with a simple knitwear. Another way to look professional is to choose solid colours for both the tutu and the top. When it comes to footwear, the best go-to shoes would be ballet flats.

Compliment it with cropped tops

Look great at formal events when you pair your tutu with a cropped top. A simple sleeveless cropped top paired with a nice slim tutu is classy enough for a wedding or formal occasion. Do pair it with other accessories such as a statement necklace or a clutch.

Other tips for wearing a tutu

When it comes to pairing your top with a tutu, select fitted tops over bulky ones. The reason is that tutus are already bulky, thus, keeping everything else fitted would be more flattering. If the tutus are slightly shorter, simply wear it with legging or jeggings to keep it modest. Wearing anything that is baggy underneath will make it look odd and overwhelming.

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