For most girls, skirts have become a staple in their wardrobe as they are fun an easy to wear. If you’re looking for something different, add a little style and sophistication into your wardrobe with pencil skirts in Malaysia. Read more about how to choose a pencil skirt for your body type below!

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How to choose a pencil skirt for your body type

A universally flattering skirt that can be worn by every figure, pencil skirts are extremely stylish, sexy, and versatile. When it comes to choosing a pencil skirt, there a few specific details for your body type that will ensure it flatters your frame. For example, one body types can pull off a peplum pencil skirt while another might not. Thus, it is important to know which category of body shape you are so that it will be easier for you to choose the ideal pencil skirt.

Hourglass shape

Perhaps known as the ideal body shape, the hourglass figure can be accentuated in a pencil skirt. To highlight a well-balanced figure with a pencil skirt it is advisable to select a fit that follows the contours of the body. It should not be too tight and fits just below the navel. Pencil skirts that are high-waisted should be avoided as it tends to emphasize the bust and can be unflattering on this body shape.

Rectangle shape

Also known as the column shape, tapered pencil skirts are the best option for this figure as it creates the illusion of curves by hugging the body frame. Another great option is to look out for high-waisted styles with pleats on the hips, so that it emphasizes the bust-line and hips.

Pear shape

Women with this body shape tend to have a larger bottom. Thus, the best types of pencil skirt should be slightly tapered. Nonetheless, it should not be too tapered as it will draw too much attention to the curves. It is best to avoid skirts that fall straight down as it will make the figure appear rather square-ish. The material of the skirt also plays an important role, so do look out for sturdy materials such as cotton or wool blends as it will hug the curves nicely. On the other hand, do avoid materials such as heavy wools, brocade or tweeds as these materials tens to add bulk to the already large bottom.

Apple shape

If you’re an apple shape, always stick to pencil skirts with a wide waistband. Always avoid pencil skirts with details around the mid-section such as belt loops or pockets as it will emphasize that area. The pencil skirt works well for this frame as it streamlines the curves.

Inverted triangle

For this body shape to look flattering in a pencil skirt, look for those with details such as pleats, panels, and embellishments. Typically, this body shape has a broad upper with slimmer hips. Another style that would work are those with a straighter hemline as it will visually broaden the lower part while the other will narrow it.