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Look chic and sexy with Midi Skirts in Malaysia

Girls, are you looking for the perfect style of skirt? Well look no further. Midi skirts offer a chic, sexy and playful look to any combination. They bring out femininity and a female touch to any look. With the warm weather of Malaysia, Midi skirts make perfect attire for any outing. Never worn a midi skirt before? Now is your chance to be adventurous and try something new! Midi skirt fashion in Malaysia has blossomed in a way no other type of clothing has. Ladies, don’t we just love the airy smoothness the midi skirt gives as it glides over our thighs? Well, you’ll be delighted to find iprice’s selection of midi skirts available online. Follow the links below to find out more.

Midi skirt history

Midi skirts date back to the 1940s where a flush of calve-length skirts were made for women all over the world. The fashion took to the masses as it was comfortable while giving a decent semi-formal look to the bottom half. Although the trend was evolving to show more skin as time went by, many still favoured the look of the midi due to its flexibility with top combinations (Midi skirts can be paired with virtually any top). These days, the midi skirt gives a vintage look to a modern combination. Fashionable and trendy, the midi skirt will carry on its legacy with time.

Types of Midi skirts

Alright ladies, hold on to your panties as we check out some of the best styles of midi skirts in town. Just like any other fashion of skirt, midi skirts come in all colours, lengths, patterns and fabric types. But don’t let any of these fool you, because midi skirts have much sex appeal. Among the many styles of midi skirts are:

  • Silk midi skirt
  • Denim midi skirt
  • PVC midi skirt
  • Pleated midi skirt
  • Double-layered midi skirt
  • Floral/Dotted/Striped midi skirts
  • Symmetrical midi skirt
  • Asymmetrical midi skirt

These are just some examples of vogueish styling you can get with midi skirts. It’s up to you to customize each according to your body shape and preference. Not sure how to style a midi skirt? Let’s look at some ways you can mix and match your outfits to bring out the hot, sexy new look.

Midi skirt outfit combinations

Midi skirts can be worn in any occasion. Here are some combinations of midi skirts along with the other fashion items it can be paired with.

Casual look

  • Pair a denim midi skirt with a cropped top, a sling back and leather sandals or wedges.
  • A floral/polka dot/striped midi skirt + a baby tee + a clutch bag + converse shoes

A night out for a hot dinner date

  • Pleated midi skirt + V-neck top (tucked in) + thin cardigan + stilettos
  • Double-layered, semi-opaque midi + loose top + thin leather belt to match + classy watch + high cut sandals

Of course the possibilities for combinations are endless, but you’ll have to be adventurous to try on new style to fully know what trend suits you best. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing iprice’s selection of midi skirts and you too can be the trendiest person in the room. Turn heads with the right style of midi skirt from iprice today!