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Bermuda shorts in Malaysia

From the early years when trousers were invented, short pants were considered the ultimate option for casual wear. In recent years though a couple of styles have transcended the fashion of shorts. Out of them, Bermuda shorts are some of the trendiest styles. Bermuda shorts in Malaysia have become so popular, everyone has a pair of them. Bermuda pants can be found all over Malaysia, in almost every clothes store. But the best place to check out Bermuda pants in Malaysia is through online shopping. Browse from thousands of designs, cutting, sizes and prices online to get only the best for your Bermuda style. Follow the links below to know more about Bermuda shorts in Malaysia.

Bermuda shorts from the early days

We’ve all seen historical photos of World War 1 and 2 where the British Army soldiers wore shorts as part of a formal military uniform. That time was the start of the Bermuda pants revolution. First considered as formalwear, Bermuda pants came in the standard beige colours of military uniform and khaki-type fabric was all the fashion. Typically, a Bermuda shorts would go along with a short-sleeved shirt tucked in for a neat look. Since then, Bermuda pants have come a long way. Evolving with the trends of today, Bermuda pants can be used for every outing. From a day at the beach to a night out with your mates, Bermuda pants give you comfort and style with ease.

Bermuda shorts for him & her

Short pants are a necessary part of every wardrobe. Thankfully, Bermuda shorts are made for both men and women. Keeping up with today’s fashion, Bermuda shorts have designs both for male and female. Bermuda shorts for men range from the stylish khaki shorts that go until slightly above knee level, to the beach-styled Bermudas that go below the knee. These board shorts like Bermuda shorts are perfect for the beach and everyday wear.

For the ladies, there are Bermuda shorts for you too! Bermuda shorts for women start from the denim Bermuda pants to loose skirt-like pants that go up to knee level. There are also casual Bermuda khakis three-quarter pants perfect for a day out in the sun. There’s no limit to the type of styling you could do with Bermuda shorts.

Bermuda shorts for sports

Did you know there are also Bermuda shorts for sports? Yeah! Bermuda shorts for sports include Bermuda tights, gym shorts, tennis shorts and football shorts. You could also choose based on your favourite sports brand of Bermuda shorts. Some of the famous brands of Bermuda shorts are Nike, Adidas, Puma and Hurley. Each with its own line of selected style and performance.

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