Sari, an item of traditional clothing for the Hindu community has always been a beautiful creation for generations. The six yards of cloth that is draped around a woman portrays elegance, beauty, and grace. Here at iprice Malaysia, we offer you an exquisite collection of saris for amazing values. Read below to find out more about the sari.


Elegant And Beautiful Sarees Malaysia

If western women have beautiful dresses for formal occasions, then Indian women have the sari. Sari can be worn by young female adults and women to any traditional occasion such as a wedding, parties and many more. Probably those days, the sari was perceived as completely traditional attire. However, over the years, sari has revolutionized and adapted to current fashion trends. Today, a sari wrapped around you can be traditional yet fun and stylish.

Saree Malaysia: Getting Started

It is important to make sure that you have done some preparation prior to the fun sari tying process.

  • Make sure you have your petticoat that needed to be worn underneath your sari. The colour of the petticoat should be almost similar to the colour of your sari and it must never be visible outside of your sari.
  • Your blouse is another important piece of your entire sari outfit. The blouse which is the highlight of the sari can be designed according to your preferences
  • Do not forget to wear a pair of heels. A sari will only look better if you add on a little height. Besides, heels will also give you the extra confidence that you need to walk in a sari.

Saree Malaysia: How To Tie A Sari?

  • You should start your sari tying process by holding the upper end of the sari and tuck it on the right side of your petticoat, slightly to the right of your navel. Now wrap your sari around your waist and until you reach the point where you started draping it first.
  • Warp it again for the second time but don’t tuck it anywhere. After that throw the remaining length over your shoulder and this is called your pallu. Adjust your pallu so that it does not exceed any longer than the back of your knee.
  • Now it is time to create your pleats from the fabric in front. This is the most crucial part of the process. With the help of your forefinger and your thumb, make about 5 to 7 pleats that are evenly sized. Take all these pleats in your hands and use a safety pin to hold them together.
  • Now, tuck the pleats into your petticoat. It should be positioned at the left of your navel and when you walk, these pleats should open to your left.
  • Next, take the fabric over your shoulder and make sure you drape it well over your chest and shoulder. Once you feel that is it tight enough, take a safety pin and pin the pallu at the shoulder of your blouse.

Saree Malaysia: Types Of Saree

Sari is originated from India which has many different ethnics from different states. Thus, the sari can also be tied in more than one technique depending on the custom of the respective ethnics.

  • Gujarati Style
  • Maharashtra Style
  • Tamil Style
  • Bengali Style

Saree Malaysia: Buy Saree Online

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