Characterized for its colorful patterns and fabric, the salwar kameez is a traditional clothing worn by both men and women in South Asia. These gorgeous garments provide comfort and style with exciting designs to choose from. Take a look at gorgeous salwar kameez below or click here to know more about this traditional outfit.


Salwar Kameez - The Pride of South Asia

A salwar kameez is a South Asian traditional clothing, often worn by men and women in countries such as India, Pakistan and other nearby countries. The outfit comprises of two main garments: the (1) salwar, or the trousers, and the (2) kameez, a long shirt extending from the waist to the knees. It is a popular choice of clothing for Punjab women next only to the saree.

Salwar kameez - the complete outfit

Comfortable and fabulous, with a salwar kameez, you get the best of both worlds and more! This outfit comprises of three garments which are often bought together: the salwar, the kameez, and the dupatta or scarf for women.


The salwar or otherwise known as shalwar, is the bottom half of a salwar kameez. It is noted for its loose fitting and light fabric which gives it a breathable feel when worn.


The kameez is the top half garment of a salwar kameez which is characterized for its long body shirt which extends from the waist up to the knees. Like the salwar, the kameez is also a loose fitting garment with sleeves with varying lengths.


The dupatta or scarf is an optional accessory which is worn only by women. Either wrapped around or on the shoulders, the dupatta accentuates the outfit with gorgeous patterns that compliment the first two pieces.

Tips on how to choose the perfect salwar kameez

A salwar kameez a flattering garment which can highlight your assets and camouflage your flabs. Here are some great tips that would help you choose the perfect salwar kameez:

  • Choose a salwar kameez with the right length. The recommended length of a kameez is right below the knee. If you have a long kameez, then it is recommended that you do not wear a salwar. On top of that, also give enough attention to the length of the sleeve. If you have flabby arms, avoid sleeveless kameez; if you have thin arms then give it volume by wearing frilly or printed sleeves.
  • Choose the right fabric. A salwar kameez can be made from all sorts of textiles ranging from silk, chiffon, cotton to synthetic fibers. Light fabrics can make you look slimmer while chunky textiles provide form.
  • Consider the color of the garment. Aside from the fabric and length, you should also take into consideration the color of a salwar kameez. Dark jewel tones such as emerald, ruby, and sapphire can make you look slimmer but don’t go beyond the spectrum if you have dark complexion. Pastel colors such as pink, yellow, salmon, and peach look absolutely stunning on fair women.
  • Choose the right salwar kameez design. The term salwar kameez describes a number of styles which comprises of a salwar and kameez. There are various designs that would go well with your body type such as an A-suit, asymmetrical, Chinese and so much more, so have fun choosing the right one!

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