Nothing beats being comfy while showcasing your fashion-styling prowess. With sweatpants, you can achieve both of these things with no problem. With the unlimited styles that you can emulate with sweatpants, this item of clothing will surely become your favourite go-to pants.

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Sweatpants in Malaysia: What You Need to Know About This Stylish Comfort Wear

Imagine this: you’re a busy bee who has been up all night cramming for an early-morning exam. After the exam finishes, you have to go to an even right away and you won’t have time to go back home and change. You desperately seek comfort but can’t afford to look like a bum when arriving at the event.

There is always an easy solution if you know how to deliver the outfit. With sweatpants, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. The right pair of sweatpants with the right fit can take you places. Pair it with a stylish pair of sneakers or open-toed heels, a bomber jacket, and spend the spare time focusing on your skincare and haircare instead.

Brief History of Sweatpants

The first pair of sweatpants, also called joggers, was introduced in 1920’s France by Emile Camuset, the founder of the sportswear company, Le Coq Sportif. Camuset wanted to produce something that is both functional and comfortable to wear for a prolonged period of time. At the time, sweatpants contrasted the traditional methods of clothing when formality is expected in all circumstances.

Sweatpants Variations

Depending on your needs, there are so many styles and variations of sweatpants you can choose from. You should always have a separate pair for working out, jogging, sleeping, and casual daily wear.

Fashion Pants

Fashion sweatpants are targeted towards those who are fashion conscious and are aiming to combine comfort with haute couture. Fashion sweatpants are made with unique materials like velvet or satin. Some fashion sweatpants do not have elastic bands around the ankles, however, this doesn’t hinder many fashionistas from getting this clothing item. Popular brands for fashion sweatpants are Y-3, Adidas, and Uniqlo.


Windpants are a lighter version of sweatpants as they are meant to shield the wearer from cold wind rather than insulating heat. Windpants are typically made from polyester, nylon, and liner made from cotton or polyester. Because of nylon’s natural friction, every time the wearer moves around in a pair of windpants, it would make a “swooshing” sound, hence the name windpants.

Tearaway Pants

This type of sweatpants is also known as rip-off pants, breakaway pants, or in the UK, popper pants. They are similar to windpants, with the major difference being the snap fasteners used to keep the pants whole. Tearaway pants allow athletes to remove their trousers easily in order to compete. Most basketball players and track and field athletes would wear tearaway pants due to their convenience.

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