Khaki pants are among the most loved staples for many men and women. This is because they are extremely comfortable to don and available in a range of styles and sizes. If worn right, they can also be worn to the office and various functions. Here are some tips on how to style your khakis.

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A Simple Guide to Rocking the Khaki Pants Look

What are khaki pants?

A wardrobe basic for men, women, and children, other than denim jeans, khaki pants are a must in one’s closet. Named after the word for ‘tan’, the colour of dust, and made of natural fibres such as cotton, wool, and linen, khaki pants can vary in colour from very light to dark. Khaki pants are also well-loved for its versatility in style as they are appropriate for casual outfits as well as many dress occasions in Malaysia.

How do you style khaki pants?

Khakis itself is a chic, sleek, versatile-neutral and stylish fashion. For women, you get every sort of skirt, blazers and of course, the trench coat varieties. Khaki pants are a staple for many working women and can most definitely be worn in many creative and eye-catching ways.

Tips for the ladies

When selecting a set of matching clothing to pair with khaki pants, avoid picking anything in the same colour scheme. Refrain from pairing khakis with colours like brown, tan, yellow, or orange. Instead, go for white, pink, blue, or red. While both darker and lighter shirts pair well with khakis, be sure that they are not similar in colour to the khaki pants themselves.

This contrast of colours allows for a seamless look. What about shoes? Lighter shades of khaki pants go better with black shoes as compared to brown or lighter coloured footwear.

Pro Tip: Black shoes also go well with more austere colours like black, navy, and grey/charcoal khakis.

  • Black shoes too dull for you? Pair your golden pumps with your light coloured khakis, and pair your bottom with a blue cardigan top with matching accessories for work.
  • With white flats and your khakis, it will go well with a white singlet top with a floral print coat; the perfect summer weekend look!
  • Add some fun to those plain khakis by pairing them with colourful and strappy wedges, a jeans shirt and a bracelet. With just three pieces, you will be good to go for a night’s out.

How about the modern gentlemen?

Men love khaki trousers. If a guy doesn’t wear khakis, he hasn’t experienced the modern look yet. They come in all shapes and sizes.

There is no exception to the build of the average khaki pants-wearing gentlemen. Tall, fat, thin, short and skinny guys can all wear khaki trousers as it is a versatile style. Khakis are also a perfect option for men as the color is light enough to be worn with all styles and colours. Here are some pointers.

  • Pick a pair of khakis that fit snugly. No baggy bulges for all types of khakis and iron those khaki pants well, please. Crumpled khakis pants are the worst. Only army style and cargo khakis are allowed to be crumpled.
  • Keep it classic, sleek and dapper, with a suit jacket, shirt, tie and fitted khakis. The colours can be contrasted so that the khaki pants stand out more. Dapper style achieved!
  • Get that semi-casual look for work by pairing your khaki pants with a t-shirt, jeans jacket and suede loafers. As for the casual look, pair your shoes with a plain colour t-shirt, so that the pants stand out and look more attractive. Thrown on a pair of Converse or Keds to complete the look.

Khaki pants are not all that hard to pull off, you just need to be a bit creative and go on a short Pinterest tour. Get your khaki pants at iPrice Malaysia now!