If you’re looking for a pair of pants that is versatile and comfortable, you need to try out harem pants. Harem pants are slowly but surely gaining popularity in Malaysia thanks to comfort and styling. Here are some reasons why you need harem pants.


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3 Reasons Why Harem Pants are the Best Pants

They’re hip, they’re new, they’re comfortable – Harem pants are the ultimate must-haves in any woman’s wardrobe. If you love an unpretentious style of pants along with versatile styling options, harem pants are your best choice. Made to suit any figure, these modern pants bring a hint of culture and comfort to any outfit. Harem pants are so irresistible even celebrities love them. Fashion trendsetters such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Gwen Stefani all have rocked the harem pants look. Thinking of getting one yourself? Here are 3 reasons why you should.

Harem Pants are Comfortable

Have you ever wanted to go out in your pyjamas? Now you can! There are some variations of harem pants that look and feel like your favourite sleepwear but are decent enough to be worn outdoors. These loose, baggy, soft pants allow for maximum movement without restriction. They are also airy and do not suffocate your nether regions.

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to fabrics as harem pants come in varieties cotton, wool, polyester, denim, and leather. Some even come in spandex-type material that is elastic enough for sports and other fast-paced activity.

Harem Pants for Every Activity

As many types of activities you can do in a day, so are the types of harem pants available. These amazing pants are perfect for dancing – as some celebrities wear them onstage when performing. Try a day out performing some acrobatic tricks wearing these pants and you won’t regret it. The freedom and stretchable nature of the pants gives you maximum potential to jump, kick, split, and stretch to the best of your ability. Some free runners and Parkour athletes wear them when out on their adventures.

For women, there are also varieties that can be worn out to more formal functions. These come in leather, PVC, suede and other formal-looking materials. Paired with a classy suit, you would certainly look dapper and business class in these harem pants.

Customise your harem pants

Did you know you could make your own harem pants? But why would you? Because it’s cool! Harem pants can be customised to suit your figure. The most common customisation to harem pants are by adding slits running up the sides of your legs. The massive gaps in the fabric scream sexy and show a bit of skin to attract the eyes.

Harem pants can also be tailored to fit snug on your lower body by using simple tools. A sewing kit enables you to sew the lower parts of the leg sleeves so the upper part of the pants looks more baggy. Conversely, you can sew the higher part tighter while leaving the lower part baggy.

With harem pants, the sky is the limit. Go crazy with styling your wardrobe by pairing these awesome, trendy clothing styles with others. If harem pants are not your go-to outfit, why not try leggings, cargo pants, sweatpants or palazzo pants.