Culottes have become more than a thing of the past. This type of pants is now a staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe since they are easy to style and comes in a variety of patterns and colors. Don't get left behind on the latest fashion trends and add culottes into your collection now!

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How to Style Your Culottes in Malaysia

There are two directions that you can go to when it comes to wearing culottes: you either drown in a pair because of their width or you can totally pull it off and achieve maximum slayage. There are several ways that you can style your culottes, mimicking those Instagram influencers whose seem to be on top of their fashion game every single day. You can also be like those effortless fashion influencers if you follow these easy steps.

Throw it back

Culottes have been the garment of choice since the 1800’s but back then it was only worn as a piece of undergarment. But after the turn of the 20th century, you can find women wearing culottes publically as an outerwear. Choose the throwback style you wanna wear for the day, either the 60’s, 80’s or 90’s, and find matching clothing items that goes great with your culottes. For example, if you want to pay homage to the 60’s, pair your culottes with a neutral blouse or button-up shirt and finish it with a bold belt.

Go neutral

If you’re still worried about looking like a fool when wearing culottes, go with the safer option and build a neutral ensemble. Neutral colors include black, white, beige, grey, and brown which can never go wrong or out of style. If your culottes are black, wear a shirt or top that’s on a lighter side. You can also go black on black (or white on white) but add a splash of (neutral) color with your accessories.

Color block

Ready to step out of your comfort zone when wearing culottes? Bring even more color into your outfits by color blocking. The basic idea of color blocking is to pair two items that are the opposite of the color wheel. Color blocking doesn’t always mean that you have to wear bright, neon colors; you can color block with subtler colors as well. If you have a pair of beige culottes, for instance, then match it with a navy or maroon top. You can also color block with your accessories and outerwear like your coats or bags. If you’re still confused as to how to color block, you can simply pick a bold top like an orange or red halter tank and pair it with your white culottes.

Shoes Are as Important

Lastly, you need to pay extra attention to what kind of shoes you wear. Since culottes are wider and ends around your mid-calf, culottes make it easy to give you the illusion that you’re bigger than you actually are. Strappy heels, velvet ankle boots, pointed-toe heels, lace-up ballerina flats, or even your favorite pair of classic white sneakers are some stylish footwear options to pair with your culottes ensemble.