Aside from shirts and tops, pants are one of the most universal clothing pieces in the world. It’s versatile and can be styled in so many different ways. In the article below, find out more about all the different types of pants and how to properly style them.


All the Types of Pants in Malaysia You Need to Have in Your Wardrobe

If you’re not a fan of skirts or dresses, obvious chances are you wear a pair of pants every single day. There are countless of pants styles that you can rock for your daily ensemble and whether you’re going to the office or for a simple errand, there are several styles of pants suitable for every occasion.

Khaki Pants

Khaki pants are made with 100% cotton and are named as such after the color that khakis commonly come in. Khaki pants were originally introduced during World War II but it has now evolved into something more casual yet still smart.

Now, khakis are available in different colors and are acceptable for semi-formal wear and casual wear. Men can wear fitting khaki pants with a pair of espadrilles for an easy, casual look. Change up the top and the espadrilles to loafers if you’re going to a more serious setting.


Jeans are one of the universal types of pants because of its versatility and comfort. Today, wearing jeans to the workplace or any professional setting is becoming more acceptable so there is an apparent increase in people wearing jeans for their day-to-day wear.

You can always dress jeans down by wearing a simple graphic tee and sports shoes, or dress it up by wearing heels or loafers and a nice button-down shirt. Remember to pick the right jeans fit for your body type. Those with petite body shape should opt for boyfriend jeans and bootlegs while curvier people should wear more fitting jeans like the skinny fit.


Due to the rise of leisurewear, leggings have become acceptable as daily wear in many parts of the world. Made from stretchy cotton, polyester, lycra, or a mixture of all, leggings are super comfortable and breathable. They are perfect for commuting folks or those living under the scorching tropical sun.

Leggings can be paired with almost anything. To be comfy, you can always put on a graphic sweater and chic sneakers. However, for a smarter look, put on a fancy blouse, a lightweight cardigan, and a pair of nude pointed-toe heels.

Cargo Pants

If you enjoy the outdoors or just the feel of being active, you should consider wearing cargo pants. These pants are equipped with external flaps or pockets that you can utilize to store your daily essentials. Nevertheless, cargo pants are sometimes deemed too casual, and even lazy, for certain settings but there are ways to make your cargo pants look chic.

You can fold the bottom of your cargo pants and wear a pair of combat boots to portray a military-esque look. Pair it up with a plaid button up shirt for a lumberjack kind of vibe.