Capture the beauty of Islam with the traditional Jubah in Malaysia. Check out the best Jubah in Malaysia or read more on how to choose the right one for you here.


Tips to choose the best jubah in Malaysia

The clothing is becoming more and more popular not only among women but has also captured the hearts of teenage girls. One of the reasons jubah is loved by many is that it can be slipped on quickly and efficiently. Moreover, it is suitable to be worn for a variety of occasions, whether it is formal or informal. However, the true purpose of this attire is so that Muslim men and women can cover up their “awrat” - the intimate parts of a human body. There are more Muslims who are comfortable in wearing the attire on a day to day basis. Here is a guide for Muslim women to choose the best jubah.

Choose the right fabric

When you purchase a new jubah, one of the most important elements is to choose the right fabric. The fabric must be comfortable, have good ventilation as well as have moisture-wicking properties. Almost all types of fabrics are suitable to be made into a jubah, provided that it does not cling to the body. It is recommended to avoid fabrics such as lycra, chiffon, and satin. This is because; lycra is a heavier fabric. Thus, it is advisable to wear something under a jubah that is made with heavier fabrics.

The colour and pattern of the fabric

Black is probably the most favouredcolour and the number one choice for many Muslims. The black jubah can be categorized into plain and those decorated with stones and embroidery. Black is a colour that can be simply customized by pairing it with a multicoloured hijab with different patterns. Nonetheless, there are a variety of jubah that are sold in the market. A plain black jubah is suited to be worn with a colourful hijab while an embroidered one is suitable to be worn with a plain hijab.

Sizing of the jubah

The sizing of the imported jubah is different compared to those sewn in Malaysia. So do make sure to check the sizing of the attire as well as ask the seller in advance about it if you were to purchase it online. Before you purchase the garment online, make sure to get the right body measurements. Generally, the imported jubah from the Middle East has a bigger sizing compared to the sizes made locally or other Asian countries.

Quality and pricing

There are many categories of jubah that varies in terms of the pricing (cheap to expensive). It is not necessary that the expensive ones are better than the cheaper ones. This is because; the price is mainly influenced by the expensive jewelry adorned on the garment. However, if the jubah is too costly it will be difficult to care. Wearing a jubah properly will not only look beautiful and elegant but is also comfortable and time-saving.

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