Everyone has a different taste in underwear and since we also don't know how much underwear you need, we would instead help you pick out your favourite ones. Browse below at the wide variety of briefs, boxers, thongs, underwear that will add some spice to your life!


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Online shopping is a great way to get men's underwear, you can browse at the wide offering, compare prices, design and material, get the designer brands that famous celebs endorse or get affordable cheap ones that will suit your needs. Learn more about Mens underwear below.

Do these when picking mens underwear

Although mens underwear is a concealed garment, you can still let your underneath clothing be part of your own personality and customise it in terms of function, style and comfort.

Pick underwear that is of your size
Underwear should provide optimal support for any activity. Men's sizes are based on waist circumference and usually correspond with the measurement of pants.
Select a variety of styles
Yes, staying with one style that you are comfortable is great, but different underwear can suit different occasions and usage too you know. One pair of underwear may be appropriate for work while other styles are more comfortable for the gym. Differentweather conditions too may also affect the style of underwear that is most effective for protection and comfort. Men have a variety of underwear styles to choose from, just look at the wide selection of thongs, boxers, briefs, boxer briefs and more.
Experiment with different underwear fabrics
The fabric of underwear has a great impact on the overall comfort of the garment. Men's underwear is made from natural and synthetic materials that offer softness, warmth, support, movement, and air flow. Certain fabrics are ideal for sleepwear, and others are better suited for physical activities. It is recommended for men to keep their underwear separated for warm and cold seasons depending on the material.

Avoid these when getting mens underwear

Yes, we know many men think that by emphasizing the front, you are physically manlier but do keep in mind of the following:

Don't go for a size smaller
Some men believe that wearing underwear in a size too small will emphasize their front, but this effect only causes discomfort. Underwear that is restricting can raise the body temperature, causing excessive sweating that leads to stains. Increasing the temperature in the groin area over extended periods of time may also cause health and fertility problems. Elastics that are too tight around the waist or legs can cause irritation and rashes. Well, no one wants a package to just look good but not function well right?
Don't go for a size too large too
On the other hand, getting underwear that is too big also can cause discomfort and unsightly wrinkles to show in the outer clothing. The underwear may bunch up in certain areas and distort the body's form through the pants or shorts. You don't want to always be pulling up yours every now and then right? It will definitely look weird.

Add some style to your underwear collection dear men, you will definitely need more than that 7 pairs a week, what if one was left in the laundry, what if one gone missing, keep a few extra as spares.