Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can no longer wear pants. Be confident and comfortable in the best maternity pants online! Take a look at our huge selection below or click here to know more about different types of maternity pants.

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Style your Baby Bump with the Hottest Maternity Pants Online!

Designed to accommodate your growing baby, maternity pants provides the needed coverage from the waist down, and are extra comfortable. What makes them different from normal pants is its design at the center. This garment features a larger waist size and are often made of stretchable material to accommodate the growing baby. Maternity pants can differ in fabric and design such as skinny, straight, boot cut, cropped, etc.

What to look for in a good pair of maternity pants

Maternity pants provide the comfort and style that you look for in normal trousers, minus the waist line. There are three things that you should consider when buying maternity pants: (1) comfort, (2) style, and (3) your budget.


When buying maternity pants, the first thing that you should always consider is comfort. Don’t buy pants that are too small for your baby bump and legs. Your womb can be sensitive to pressure from your pants' constricting waistline. Pregnant women have also reported swelling around the legs near the ankles, especially during the last stages of pregnancy, so select pants that would best accommodate you and your baby.


Thanks to fashion, styling your baby bump gives you the opportunity to choose from different designs that range from traditional maternity pants to modern joggers, leggings, ripped, and capri pants.

Within budget

The last thing that you should consider when buying maternity pants is your budget. Having a baby can give you some financial constrictions so at least try to least try to an affordable pair of pants. To give more reason to save, you’re only going to wear maternity pants for a couple of months unless you plan to have more children.

Types of maternity pants

Maternity pants are specially designed to accommodate your growing baby. Each type of maternity pants differ in ways that it stretches to make it more comfortable for you and your baby.

  • Over-the-bump maternity pants. These type of maternity pants have a high-waist design that sits at the top of your baby bump. Moreover, the fabric that covers that your belly are stretchable to adjust to your baby.
  • Under-the-bump maternity pants. The exact opposite of over-the-bump maternity pants, the under-the-bump style features a design which sits below your belly. It also has an extra line of stretchy fabric at the waist but not as wide as over-the-bump maternity pants.
  • Drawstring maternity pants. Drawstring maternity pants, as its name suggests are secured using a drawstring at the waist line. You can adjust it accordingly to adapt to your baby bump.
  • Side panel maternity pants. This type of maternity pants is a sub-type of the under-the-bump style but instead of having an extra line of fabric around the waistline, this type of pants has stretchy fabric on the side just right above the front pockets.

Shop for maternity pants online

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t give up your favorite pair of pants! Click here and browse for fashionable maternity pants or take a quick look at brands available online such as ASOS, Mamaladies, Rosie Pope and so much more!

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