Every soon-to-be mother needs to be stylish and comfortable. However shopping for the right maternity dresses can be a hard task sometimes. Here at iprice Malaysia, we offer you a collection of maternity dresses for great prices. Click here to find out more.

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Maternity Dresses Malaysia

Have you seen the pregnant Hollywood celebrities posing on the red carpet looking very fabulous and glamorous? You might be wondering what make them look so good even when they are heavily pregnant. Well, it is because their baby bumps are wrapped on gorgeous dresses. The right dress can make the pregnant you into a sexy supermodel mum. However it is not all about being sexy and glamorous, it is also about being comfortable. When you are carrying a baby, you might need all the space and comfort that you can get to help you feel relaxed and happy. We are here to revamp your wardrobe during your soon-to-be mummy days. Have fun reading!

Maternity Dresses Malaysia: How To Choose The Right One?

  • We understand that when you are pregnant it can be tiring to shop all day long for maternity dresses and that is why you should not wait till the last minute to get a dress. You can start shopping even when your bump is not visible yet. At least you wouldn’t need to stress up later on.
  • The size of your dress matters and you have to choose the right one to avoid your movements to be constrained all day long. Always remember that your size doesn’t change just because you are pregnant. If you are a “M” during your post-pregnancy, then go for a “M”.
  • Your dress should be made out of good fabric. Breathable and light-weight fabrics are the best as they allow your skin to breathe easily and you would feel airy as well.
  • You may also choose a dress with spandex blended fabric. Cotton can be comfortable but is can get a little too stretchy when you wash it over the months.

Maternity Dresses Malaysia: How To Style You Bump?

  • Go for a wrap dress when you are confused on what kind of dress to wear. A wrap dress is great and the neckline can make you look very sexy too. The design will make you comfortable as well.
  • Never pick a dress that screams printed designs or bright popping colours. Pick out dresses with solid and dark tones.
  • If you are heading to the beach of a relaxing brunch with your girlfriends, wear a tunic dress that flaunts your bump. You would look like a pregnant goddess with this flowing fabric.
  • Flats can be a little boring sometimes and heels can be dangerous for your baby. For a fun alternative, you can pair your dress with sneakers. This combination gives a cool and trendy look.
  • Wear a belt on top of your dress just right above where your bump starts. It can define your curve and your bump better.

Buy Maternity Dresses Online Malaysia Now

Shopping can be exciting and fun even for mums-to-be. With iprice Malaysia online store, you can now sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee and shop for your maternity dresses. We offer you stylish dresses from well-known brands such as ASOS, Aphrodite, Emma Jane and many more for great deals. Happy shopping ladies!

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