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Skinny Jeans, Not Just for The Skinny

Several years ago, back in 2009, Skinny jeans made a great comeback, after becoming obsolete at the end of the 80's era. Its quick comeback took the world by storm, and up until now, it's still a way of life especially to fashion-conscious individuals. And from the looks of it, it seems like this type of cut for our everyday jeans is here to stay.

Skinny Jeans in Malaysia

Skinny Jeans are made for everybody; its style can complement every one of any body type. However, in order for it to flatter your shape, you have to learn how to wear them and what to wear them with.

Different Cuts for Different Style

There are 3 types of skinny jeans, knowing which type goes with what style is essential in order for you to mix and match them with the style of your clothes and shoes appropriately:

Cigarette - This type of Skinny Jeans has a leg opening that has the same circumference from the knee down to the ankle.
Straight leg - This is the most universal and basically the go-to style that will never fail you whatever style you try to pull off (most of the time). The circumference of its leg opening is uniform from the thigh to the ankle.
Skinny - The 3 elements that make a pair of jeans fall into this category are the following: 1.) stretchy textile, 2.) form-fitting and 3.) ankle hugging. This style delivers that ultimate sprayed look.

A Skinny Jean for Every Shape and Size

As enumerated above, there are 3 types of skinny jeans. Each type can provide comfort and brandish a standout style if matched properly with your shape, shoes, and clothes. Below is a brief rundown of the different lower body shape and the appropriate Skinny Jeans style that best matches it.

Large Calves: The best type of skinny jeans to don if your calves are quite plump, is the Cigarette type. It has a wider opening in the lower leg, but tighter on the upper part, making your legs look sexier by masking its actual size. Additionally, tucking its lower end into your boots can help in hiding those thick calves.
Swelly Belly: Any of the 3 types will do, you just have to wear one whose textile can provide an extra stretch or a higher rise, enough to reach and cover your belly area. High Waisted Skinny jeans will do.
Bootilicious: n cases wherein you want to just give it less emphasis, you can simply wear Low Waist Jeans, low enough to cover at least half of your bums. As of for the upper half, that's where the role of the appropriate clothing will come in. Wear a shirt or tops that are longer than the usual. It should be long enough to reach half of your butt. Also, make sure that the pockets are low enough for you to find them where they are universally positioned in most pants.
Tall & Slim: If all else fails (in terms of length), boots won't.
Short & Petite: The problem here is opposite to the Tall and Slim ones. The upside is, you can always have the length cut or hemmed. However, the skinny form of jeans will be lessened. That is why the best cut that you could wear if you're short is the Cigarette.

Whatever casual style it is that you're trying to pull off, your clothes may not always save you, but Skinny Jeans will never fail you! Check out the best selection of ripped jeans.