A classic design for our favorite garment, low rise jeans are a great addition to your closet! Scroll down below for the best low rise jeans online or click here to know more about different cuts for low rise jeans.


Low Rise Jeans - Hip, Cool, and Edgy

Low rise otherwise known as hipster, lowcut, or hip hugger jeans are a type of pants which is designed to sit below the hips. Low rise jeans are often made of denim, whether selvedge, stretch denim, or waxed, and have different cuts that would suit the wearer. While some would consider this as a modern trend, hipster jeans has been around since the 50s, and have increased popularity since the 2000s.

Reasons to buy low-rise jeans

  • With the right cut, low rise jeans are a flattering garment which gives the impression of a flatter stomach. If you want to elongate and emphasize your torso area, wearing a pair of low rise jeans would also help you out.
  • It is a great way of providing coverage from the crotch down while still exposing some skin from the hips to the midriff (if you wear a crop top).
  • Low rise jeans are a flexible garment. You can virtually wear anything on top from t-shirts, tees, crop tops, blouses, polo-shirts, etc.
  • If you can wear all sorts of tops with a pair of low rise jeans, then you can also wear any type of shoe you want, whether you want to wear sneakers, boots, sandals, flipflops, etc.
  • Lastly, low rise jeans are sexy, hip, and cool. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, hipster jeans are a must-have for your closet.

Low rise jeans - the cuts

Hipster jeans are a fashionable and flexible garment to have, and is perfect for any casual occasion. This type of garment features different cuts that would suit your outfit and your preference. The three basic cuts for low rise jeans include: (1) boot cut, (2) skinny, and (3) straight cut.

Boot cut

Boot cut jeans are a type of cut that is made to accommodate boots, hence the name. It has an extra stretch of fabric to give extra space for wearing boots or any ankle-high footwear. An exaggerated boot cut is called a flared jeans which features a bell-shaped opening at the bottom.


One of the most popular low-rise jeans today, skinny is a cut made to be tight from the thighs down to the leg. It was first popularized by the goth and pop punk subculture during the late 80s to the mid 90s, and is making a comeback as a popular choice for streetwear.

Straight cut

The simplest low-rise jeans cut, straight cut boasts its clean, and even cut from the thighs to the ankles. This is a great way to look casual, and can be paired with any type of garment and footwear you want.

Shopping for low rise jeans online

Low rise jeans are hip and edgy, with a twist of sexy. It is a must-have garment for everyone who wants to revamp their closet. If you want to shop online for the hottest low rise ripped jeans. You can also browse by brand such as Cheap Monday, Diesel, and Levis. Shop online at iprice now!