Bootcut jeans are a classic cut that everyone must have. It is a casual, comfortable, and convenient garment that you can wear everyday. Take a look at great selections from various brands below or click here to learn about various ways on how to fabulously wear a pair of bootcut jeans.


Bootcut Jeans - A Classic Cut for Men and Women

Bootcut jeans is a type of jeans designed to accommodate ankle-high footwear such as boots without looking too tight. One way to differentiate bootcut jeans is its opening is a little bit wider than the knee. This cut enables the wearer to comfortably wear boots and ankle high-footwear. It was first popularized by cowboys and range workers, then made its way to pop culture during the 70s with exaggerated flared jeans. Today, bootcut jeans have become a classic garment that everyone must have.

Reasons why you should have a pair of bootcut jeans

  • If you love to keep your wardrobe casual, then a pair of bootcut jeans would give you that look.
  • Bootcut jeans are versatile and can be paired with anything, from blouses, t-shirts, tees, polo shirts, etc.
  • While bootcut jeans are made for wearing boots, you can also wear different types of footwear with it. Whether you want to wear flipflops, sandals, sneakers, pumps, etc., bootcut jeans are perfect for any type of shoes.
  • Made from denim, bootcut jeans are durable and can look better as it ages. With the right care, it can last for many years and can transcend through many seasons.

Fabulous ways to wear bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans are great if you are vying for a casual, easy-going look. Great for both men and women, this garment gives you enough flexibility to choose your own style. You don’t have to wear boots to look good in a pair of bootcut jeans.

Bootcut jeans for men

Ideal for tall and slim men, bootcut jeans can be worn with basics such as a V-neck shirt. You can wear sandals, sneakers (chuck taylors), flipflops, and classic work shoes with it. When wearing bootcut jeans, never tuck in your shirt nor wear belts with bulky belt buckles. Bootcut jeans are also great when folded to reveal your footwear, particularly boots or sneakers.

Bootcut jeans for women

Somehow, bootcut jeans looks better on women than on men. You can go for the basics and you can tuck in your shirt with it. If you want a casual business look, pair your basics with a blazer and wear close shoes with a little bit of heels. You can also wear sandals and pumps to boost your height and lengthen your body. You can also wear sneakers but sandals and shoes look much better with a pair of bootcut jeans.

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