Considered as a must-have apparel in every wardrobe, a pair of jeans is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing anyone can have. Made mostly from different types of denim, jeans are the ultimate symbol of casual wear and serve as great fashion items to express your cool and edgy personality. Read more about why you should have at least a pair of jeans below.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Pair of Jeans

Being a versatile pair of bottoms, denim jeans are staple apparel in any wardrobe. A pair of jeans provides endless options when it comes to creating different looks. Here are some reasons why jeans should be your favourite pair of ripped jeans:

Provide Endless Styling Options

When it comes to fashion, having more options is never a bad thing. Jeans nowadays are available in an interesting array of cutting and designs for you to choose from to match your personal style – from high-waisted to bell bottoms. With so many styles available, denim jeans can be the perfect complement your everyday look. Unlike other pants which might need specific prices to match them in order to look normal, jeans go well with most forms of tops.

Longer Lasting than Other Pants

This might put off some people, but jeans are one of the few pants that functions better if you do not wash them for long periods. This is because if you wash them often, you might end up ruining the material and reducing its lifespan. Besides that, denim experts claim that your jeans will look better the longer you leave them unwashed. The reason for this is that the colour on the jeans will be worn off over time at places where natural creases often occur. Everyday actions such as sitting down and putting our hands and smartphones into the jeans pockets will cause the colour to fade, creating wash away pattern.

They Make Your Butt Look Better

If you have it, flaunt it! Another reason why jeans should be your pants of choice is that they make your butt look shapelier. There are no other types of pants will be able to accentuate your butt the same way as a pair of jeans can. With the right fit, you can show off all the right curves and strut like a true fashionista.

They're Worth the Investment

Denim jeans are available in all ranges of prices. Regardless of how much you paid for them, they are worth the investment. Thanks to their versatility and durability, jeans provide more bang for your buck. Just ask yourself, would you rather spend RM100 on a pair of jeans or on a pair of slacks that you will only be wearing to work?

Jeans are Better at Handling Stains

Spilling yoghurt on your black dress pants is an absolute nightmare as it will leave a hideous stain behind. Furthermore, jeans are better at hiding stains, so you do not have to rush home to change into another pair. Moreover, any stains on your jeans can be removed easily by cleaning the spot with a toothbrush.

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