If there's an article of clothing that would describe the late 2010s, it would be bomber jackets. Bomber jackets add a rebellious flair to your outfit with its military-inspired design. Check out the best Bomber jackets from the biggest brands in fashion or read more about how to amp up your #OOTD with a bomber jacket.


How to Snatch a Cool Look with a Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket, otherwise known as a flight jacket, is a type of outerwear first created for military pilots during the first World War. It has since evolved to be a fashionable and comfortable article of clothing and later evolving to different types namely the letterman jacket, and the baseball bomber jacket.

Aside from being a fashionable article of clothing, bomber jackets are comfortable, flexible, and easy to wear. A bomber jacket is a great statement that would make your outfit look cool and edgy. If you're new to the bomber jacket craze, here are some great tips for both men and women on how to look cool while wearing a bomber jacket.

Style Tips for Men

  • If you're sporting a light bomber jacket or one with lots of pockets and designs, wear something neutral underneath. This would help emphasize the design of the jacket without making you look too overdressed.
  • A white bomber jacket is more versatile than you think. Again, wear something neutral so that it would give your jacket a sort of "pop".
  • For the colder seasons, don't forget to don a slouchy beanie, some black chinos or a pair of casual trousers.
  • Look smart in your bomber jacket, whether for the office or even in a casual interview by wearing a slim-fit denim jeans or cropped trousers plus a formal shirt underneath.
  • If you're feeling sporty, swap your chinos with a pair of joggers and a long tee. Don't forget to wear your favorite sports shoes!
  • Play with different textures when it comes to bomber jackets such as leather, and suede as well as different colors such as camo and other printed patterns.

Style Tips for Women

  • `An army green bomber jacket can go a long way. This shade of green goes well with your neutrals and is a very flexible color that can literally go well with anything in your wardrobe.
  • Add drama to your look by wearing an oversized dress or shirt underneath your bomber jacket.
  • Don't be afraid to play with colors, layers, and different textures when it comes to a bomber jacket.
  • If you think your look is too formal, throw in a bomber jacket for a balanced look.
  • A crop top and some high-waisted jeans with your favorite sports shoes can always be your go-to if you want to wear a bomber jacket.
  • Don't forget your ripped jeans and leather accessories!

Bomber jackets are a great article of clothing that everyone should have in their wardrobe. If you want to spice up your look whether you want to be edgy, sporty, smart casual or sophisticated, throw in a bomber jacket and be the star of the crowd.