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Vests in Malaysia

In Malaysia, vests are considered to be clothing worn only for certain occasions. Formal vests, the most commonly worn, are put on during formal events such as weddings and gala dinners. The epitome of formalwear is a well-tailored suit-&-tie outfit. Like a cherry on a cake, a formal vest completes the look of said suit-tie combination flawlessly. Vests are clothing that complete the look of anyone with a formal touch. Besides formal vests, there are many other vests available for multiple occasions. Now you too could get the best of vests in Malaysia with iprice. Simply check out the products above or find out more with the links below.

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  • Dog vests

Types of Vests

When we think of vests, we think of sleeveless tops that split down the middle section, presenting itself as a type of outerwear. Although this is right, there are many other types of clothing that fall into the category of vests. Let’s look at some of these varieties available in the market today.

Formal vests

Ah yes, formal vests – the necessary outerwear that every man must have in his wardrobe. Formal vests remind us of mafia Hollywood movies where there will always be a character wearing a vest. Formal vests go well with any blazer or suit combination. Thanks to a classy look, a buttoned-up vest can work wonders on one’s dapper appearance. Simply match the vest colour with the outer suit colour for a perfect fit. One can also wear formal vests without the cover of a blazer or suit. In many cases, we see waiters at hotels or fine dining restaurants donned in that attire.

Sports vests

When we think of sports vests, we think of cold weather sports such as skiing, hiking, or snowboarding. We also think of water sports such as jet skiing, water rafting and boating. Sports vests consist of protective gear that covers us from the torso up during our fast-paced activities. Some sports vests even come with hoodies to protect our heads from sun, rain and snow or ice. There are so many choices of sports vest, most of which differ based on method of suiting up. Some are buttoned-up types and some have zippers. Believe it or not, some sports bras fall into the category of sports vests too!

Safety vests

Although not worn by most people, safety vests play an important part in our society. Many a life has been saved by safety vests. Brightly coloured and easily distinguishable even in darkness, safety vests attract attention when in hazardous conditions. Suited for people working on the road and construction sites, safety vests are a priority.

Dog vests

Dog vests, as the name suggests, are not made for us. They’re made for our 4-legged furry friends. If you’ve kept a canine as a pet, you’ll know that dogs can sometimes be out of control. Put them in a dog vest attached to a leash, and you’ll be able to keep track of its movements. Putting a vest on a dog is also said to calm the dog in the event of a thunderstorm or fireworks as the dog might be hysterical.

There are many more types of vests we can go on to mention. Thankfully, we don’t have to look too far to find these bad boys. Simply look at iprice’s range of vests available online in Malaysia at special prices. you’ll be able to find the vest for you today. Happy shopping!