Whether it is a prom night or a formal event, a tuxedo is what you need when it comes to making a bold fashion statement. With your stylish tuxedo, you can channel your sophisticated charm effortlessly. Read more about tuxedos in Malaysia below to find out.


How to Wear Your Tuxedo Like a True Gentleman

At first glance, a tuxedo and a suit appear to be indistinguishable from each other. They are different because atuxedo usually has satinfacing on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim, and a satin side stripe down the leg of the trousers. When you compare a tuxedo to a suit, the former is meant to commemorate a special occasion by wearing something special that you would not wear anywhereelse. Since most people do not know how to wear theirtuxedos, hereishow you should wear your tuxedo like a true gentleman.

Shirts You Should Pair With

You should always wear a plain white shirt with a tuxedo. Tuxedo shirts generally have two different collars: traditional point collars and wing collars. There is nothing much you can say about traditional point collars except they are both classic and versatile.Wing collars show the band of the bow tie going around the neck while traditional point collars do not. Although pleated front shirts are more traditional, you do not need to wear them. Instead, you can opt for a plain white shirt. No matter which type of shirt you choose, it is important to have both French cuffs and cufflinks because these details complement your tuxedo.

Which Shoes You Should Wear

Regarding the selection of whichfootweargoes well with a tuxedo, it largely depends on the event itself. If it is a white tie, you should wear court shoes. The court shoe has a low-cut front, no fastening, and a small heel. For black-tieevents, there are several options but you need to make sure your footwear is black. One of the popular choices is a pair of patent leather shoes. They should be in lace-up form and not loafers.

Another option you can consideris apair of calfskin shoes. These calfskin shoes should be polished and they should not have medallions orbrogueson them. Belgian shoes and Prince Albert slippers are the perfect choices because they bring a little flair to your overall appearance. As for the Prince Albert slippers, it is highly recommended that you should choose a pair in velvet.

Wearing Tuxedo with Tie

You should not wear a tie with your tuxedo because neckties are intended for work and otherevents. Whenyou are wearing a tuxedo, theclassicbowtie is the best way to go. Wearing apre-tiedbowtie is a massive no-no. In fact, the choice of bowtie has been said to separate the men from the boys. Like a true gentleman, you should wear a self-tied one. There is a good reason behind wearing a self-tied bowtie with your tuxedo. The quirky irregularities of a self-tied bow give it personality and flair. As everyone wears a tuxedo, the classic bowtie will be the one that draws the most attention. If you do not know how to tie your bowtie, this is the time you should learn and practice.