Comfortable, stylish, and perfect for the cold season! This type of outerwear is a stylish and functional garment that you can virtually wear on anything! Take a look at our selection of fleece jackets below to know the criteria for choosing a fleece jacket.

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Be Cozy and Fabulous in Fleece

Fleece jacket or known simply as fleece is a type of outerwear which uses polar fleece. Polar fleece is a polyester synthetic wool which helps trap body heat and gives its fuzzy texture. Fleece jackets are generally lightweight and easy to wash with its signature zipper in the middle but other variations have also been designed such as cardigans and pullovers.

Reasons why you should have a fleece jacket

  • A fleece jacket provides the warmth and comfort that you need during the cold. While these garments are not generally weatherproof, it is the perfect garment for chilly days.
  • Another great thing about fleeces is that it is easy to wash and wear. It’s lightweight fabric gives it a wonderful texture and easy-to-wash quality.
  • Fleece jackets are easy to style and can be worn with anything. Whether you leave zipped or unzip, you can easily style a fleece jacket with whatever garments you have in your closet.
  • If you are into hiking, camping, or any outdoor activity, then a fleece jacket would keep you dry and warm against the wilderness.
  • The best thing about fleece jackets is that is fairly inexpensive compared to other types of outerwear. You can easily buy one online for less than 100RM.

Tips on how to fabulously wear fleece

A fleece jacket is a wonderful way to keep you warm and stylish throughout the cold season. It is versatile, easy to wash and wear, and most importantly, affordable. Here are some tips on how to rock a fleece jacket:

  • Avoid looking too bulky by wearing only one layer of clothing underneath the fleece jacket unless necessary.
  • Like other types of outerwear, over-sized fleece is also a trend, especially in Korean fashion. Wear it with a pair of ripped skinny jeans or even a monochromatic dress and you’re good to go!
  • Headwear is also great when wearing fleeces. Beanies and snapbacks can give you that young and edgy streetwear style.
  • When choosing fleece jackets, stick to bold and neutral colors such as black, gray and brown to easily match it with any garment in your closet.
  • You can easily add edge to your fleece jacket by pulling back the sleeve to reveal your wrist and a part of your arm.

Shop for fleece jackets online

Generally, fleece jackets are easy to style. With the right garments and accessories, you can wear a fleece jacket with confidence. Choose from a wide array of fleece jackets online here or browse through different brands such as Nike, the North Face, Cotton on, and so much more!