Dresses are the staple of every woman’s wardrobe. They make us look pretty, feminine, and ultimately attractive. Out of all the dresses, lace dresses are the sexiest. Here are some tips to care for your lace dress.

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Tips to Care for Your Lace Dresses

Beauty, feminine, sexy – three words to describe lace. Exclusive to women’s dressing, lace has been a deciding factor in bringing out a woman’s charm. Lace leggings, lingerie, and skirts are all used to attract attention of the opposite sex. But none can do as well as lace dresses. The best lace dresses instantly accentuate your womanliness and seduction. But how do we care for our favourite lace dresses? Here are some tips you need to know.

Know Your Lace Fabric

As with any type of clothing, get to know your lace dress on a personal level. Observe, caress, and feel each fibre of the dress. Go down to specifics and find out what the dress is made of. Typically, lace dresses are made from either cotton, linen, or synthetic fibres.

Lace is fragile compared to other types of material due to the gaps between the fabric. Due to this, extra care is needed when handling it. The type of material each lace dress is made of affects its durability in the washer and dryer.

Clean with Care

The delicate nature of lace dresses requires a gentle washing technique. Simply throwing the lace dress into the washing won’t suffice. If you are able to hand-wash the dress that would be ideal. If going with that option, be sure to use cold water. Warm water tends to stretch the lace and spoil it. The shortcut is to pop it in the washing machine and set it to ‘Delicates’. But this is a risky process unless you have a machine that accommodates for lace material. Otherwise, we recommend you stick to handwashing your lace dresses. Also, take extra care when washing white lace dresses as they easily stain. Do not ever wash a white lace dress in the same machine as coloured clothing.

Store Your Lace Dress the Right Way

Clothing are as different as the people that wear them. Hence, the way we store our lace dresses will inevitably differ from other dresses. As a guide, we recommend that lighter lace dresses be hung while heavier ones are folded or laid flat in the cupboard. This is due to the fact that gravity pulls the dress down, extending the lace. Soon, the laces become warped and there is no way to shrink it back to its original shape. Storing your dress the right way could mean the difference between having a beautiful dress and spoiling it.

Ultimately, lace dresses make the perfect wardrobe filler. Every woman must have a lace dress – be it for her wedding or as a seductive throw-on for a dinner out in the city. If you love shopping and love buying dresses, why not complete your wardrobe with wedding dresses, prom dresses, halter dresses or something funky like print dresses.