For every woman out there, you should at least own a cocktail dress in your wardrobe that can make you shine and sparkle all night long. However, finding the perfect cocktail dresses for a dinner party can be really stressful sometimes. Check out the best cocktail dresses from the biggest fashion brands in Malaysia or read more about cocktail dresses below.

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How to Choose the Right Cocktail Dress for a Party

When you receive an invitation for a cocktail party, you would definitely be more than thrilled to attend. Besides getting to mingle around with people is this social gathering, you would have plenty of fun picking out a short and fun cocktail dress that glams you up for the night. Shopping for cocktail dresses is always fun and exciting; and with a few tips from us, you will be certainly celebrated as the star of the night.

Pick a Dress that Highlights your Features

Instead of choosing a cocktail dress that hides your flaws, pick a cocktail dress that highlights your best feature. Getting your hair or your nails ready are not good enough when you do not have the confidence to flaunt your natural beauty. Some cocktail dresses are designed to show your beautiful and long legs and some cocktails dresses would bring the focus to your beautiful neck. So before picking out a dress, make sure you know where you would want to draw the attention to.

Balance is Key

When you are on a cocktail dress shopping, bear in mind the need to keep things balanced. The length of the cocktail dress is a crucial factor when it comes to picking out the right dress. If you have a petite frame, it is best to go for a short cocktail dress as it would add more height. You may also choose an empire waistline cocktail dress to give a taller illusion. Meanwhile, for the tall ladies out there, the good news is you do not have to worry about the length of the dress as you would look great in short and long cocktail dresses

Show your Personality

Make sure the cocktail dress does not overshadow you. With all these designs available such as printed fabrics and bright colors, it can be a little over the top sometimes. It is vital to ensure that you feel comfortable in that dress and most importantly you feel happy and excited to hit the party with your pretty cocktail dress!

The Type of Party

Now that your dress is ready, your next step is to accessorize your dress and yourself beautifully. Just remember that simplicity is the best.

  • For glamorous events – Pair your cocktail dress with big earrings, bold and shiny lipstick, a diamond bracelet and don’t forget an exquisite clutch.
  • For formal events – A simple yet beautiful earrings, minimal make-up and a pair of kitten pumps would complement your look perfectly.

As early as now, finding the right cocktail dress for a big event is crucial. Whether attending a wedding, a company event, a gala or simply clubbing with your friends, you should have one prepared at all times. You can also check out other types of dresses such as halter dresses, vintage dresses, gowns, and so much more!