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An outfit is never complete without the right accessories that go with it. Shop below and take home the perfect accessory, from scarves, jewellery, watches, hats, small leather goods, and sunglasses. If you want to know more about how to properly accessorize your #OOTD, click here.

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Concept One Accessories Disney Winnie the Pooh Kids Peruvian Hat for Kids
RM 41.30

Weather Getting Cold? No Problem!It’s a common problem every year. You’re ready to take your little one out for a round of trick or treating or maybe you’re taking them to a costume party. Unfortunately, the weather is just refusing to cooperate. It’s about 10 degrees too cold to head out without something to keep your child’s ears warm, but that means breaking the illusion of their costume! Well, what if there was an extra warm hat that just so happened to be a costume in and of itself? Say hello to this Winnie the Pooh kids winter hat!Product DetailsYes, if your child is a fan of Winnie the Pooh, then this adorable hat could be the answer that you’ve been seeking! The hat is made of acrylic and has a fleece lining, making it a great choice to wear on those chilly days. Of course, Pooh Bear’s face is embroidered into the front and a pair of cute little ears are poking out on each side, so your child will still look like the iconic Disney character. Just add your child’s favorite jacket and they’ll be warm and completely in costume for a night of fun… no matter what kind of weather is happening outside!Costume and Winter Wear in OneThe best part about this Winnie the Pooh Peruvian hat is that it can be used well after Halloween! It’s soft and warm design make it a practical, and unbearable cute, hat to wear during the whole winter season!

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Emphasize your Look with Fabulous Accessories Online!

Accessories has been around since time immemorial. During the ancient times, an accessory can dictate a person’s social status and achievements that would prove their power. Today, accessories are more than just jewellery that adorn one’s wrist, neck, head, or fingers, it can be anything from scarves, hats, bags, sunglasses, and little trinkets that would enhance a person’s look.

Accessories 101: What are accessories

Accessories are, as the name suggest, adornments that would complete your outfit. They can be attached, carried, pinned, decorated, or dangled all over your body. It can be made with plastic, wood, metal, precious stones, fabric, leather, etc, or a combination of materials which would better suit your outfit’s motif.

In contrary to popular belief, accessories are more than just jewellery, they can take form of anything from the smallest earring to the biggest you could ever find online. As long as it enhances your garments overall look, it is an accessory.

Different accessories every modern individual must have

A true fashionista has a an array of different types of accessories which he or she can mix and match with different clothes available. There are many types of accessories, each has their own set of functions, either to protect, to enhance your look, or a combination of both.


Perhaps one of the most well-known types of accessories every man or woman must have. A true indication of wealth and status, jewellery are often made of precious stones and metals such as silver and gold and can take on many forms. Among the most common type of accessories are earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and brooches.


Hats and other headgear such as flower crowns and tiaras are also considered as an accessory. Aside from being a fashionable statement, hats also serves as protection for your head from the sun or to keep you warm during cold seasons. Beanies, snapbacks, and ball caps are among the trendiest headwear today. Sunglasses and hair accessories are also considered as headwear accessories!

Small leather goods

Leather is a strong, durable, and classic material used in many bags or shoes. Small leather goods such as belts, clutch bags, and wallets are great when it comes to keeping your outfit classy, especially for men.


Another accessory every fashionista must have, scarves are a great way to blend your outfit with your shoes or bag and is a versatile accessory that can be used anywhere on your outfit. It can protect your skin from direct exposure to sunlight, use it to wrap around your hair, a bag accessory, and so much more!

If you are planning to wear accessories for your #OOTD, make sure to keep it lowkey. Accessories are meant to enhance the look instead of steal the show, so if you feel like you are wearing more accessories, learn to tone it down and choose the best one that would compliment your style. Choose from our wide selection of accessories available here and shop for the latest trends online at iprice!