For more than a century, Clarks has made durable and fashion-trendy shoes both for men and women. Today, the unique designs and quality live on. With Clarks shoes in Malaysia, you too can get the best variety. Read more to know about the unique types of Clarks shoes here.


3 Types of Clarks shoes you need to know about

"Classic footwear"

Those are the words best to describe shoes made by Clarks. Clarks, the ultimate shoe brand from England, has an inventory that lasts generations. Specializing in the iconic boots, heels, dress shoes, loafers, flats, sneakers, sports shoes and much more, Clarks shoes caters to both men, women, boys, and girls all over the world, regardless of age. Clarks shoes come in all shapes, sizes, and colours.

Keeping original style without sacrificing comfort on your feet, Clarks shoes will put a smile on your face anytime. Now with Clarks Malaysia, you can pamper your feet with ease. Skip the window shopping and shop online for the best of Clarks shoes in Malaysia. Want to know more? Read more to know about the 3 types of Clarks shoes you can look for.

Clarks boots – Rugged style, classic feel, timeless quality

In the early 80’s Clarks shoe commercials emphasized that Clarks put years of research into creating customized shoes for men, women, and children. Each shoe (particularly for kids) was tailored to fit feet as they grew older and larger. An attention to detail, use of superior materials such as genuine leather and a good perspective on style and comfort, Clarks shoes became an instant hit with the masses.

Probably the most sought after style of Clarks shoes, Clarks boots feature rugged, cutting edge embroidery that will last a lifetime. Demand for these high-cut shoes far outweighs any other brand in comparison. The likes of Dr. Marten’s, Timberland and so on do not compare to the comfort and durability of Clarks boots. Clarks’ formfitting system measures soles to perfectly craft the shoe into the most comfortable shape for the feet. With quality material made to withstand wind, rain, and change in temperatures, Clarks boots are suitable for any activity. Take them when you travel overseas without worrying about the weather’s effect on your feet. Not sure where to start, you can check out a range of Clarks boots.

Dress shoes/ formal shoes

“Oxfords not Brogues”

When the movie Kingsman came out in cinemas, the attention of all men who saw the movie turned to formalwear, and in particular, formal shoes. The concept of Brogues became something most of us are familiar with. Yes! The shoes with the little patterns or carvings on the top of it. Unbeknownst to many, Clarks makes awesome Brogues for men. An inventory of leather, suede, and Nubuck are used to perfect footwear for each individual. A series of black leather formal shoes from Clarks is sure to look good with your formalwear. Slip on a pair and try it for yourself. Don’t compromise quality for a smaller budget. Check out these designs to suit your wardrobe:

  • Chinley Walk
  • Amieson Limit
  • Forbes Over
  • Aston Mind

Clarks ladies shoes

Ladies, are you looking for comfort and trendy styles? You’ve come to the right place. Clarks ladies shoes have all kinds of varieties to suit your taste. From iconic Clarks boots to flats and high heels, you can browse the range of Clarks shoes made just for you.

Now that you know more about Clarks shoes, it’s time to get yourself a pair. The beauty of living in the 21st century is the ability to shop online. Shopping online lets you browse all your favourite brands and even find brands and items you’ve never heard of. If you’re looking for cheap items, shopping online can give you a variety of products to choose from. Clarks is now available online too! You can get Clarks shoes with discounts and cheap prices right here. Just browse the list of products available today.