Clarins has its root in France, the country where women’s beauty is cherished in every form of art. With a long history of skincare research, Clarins is the trusted brand of not only the lavish world of France but also throughout the globe. Check out the best-selling Clarins health and beauty products or read more about Clarins and their collections below.


Skin Care Holy Grails and Signature Products from Clarins

We all know the magical effects of using natural ingredients in nurturing the wellness of our skin, but one must understand the use of different plants and herbs to maximize its benefits. With a serious desire to help women obtain timeless beauty inside out, Clarins has been experimenting numerous raw ingredients that have a positive effect on human skin in their own lab ever since the brand establishment.

The experts behind Clarins have worked on a total number of 1000 raw materials to develop unique products that cater to all types of skin condition after 18 months minimum of observation and creation for each formula. Before officially introduce to the consumers, Clarins always make sure that their products are 100% safe with exceptional effects by giving every new product over 100 trials. With that amount of experimentation, it is not surprised that Clarins produce up to 7400 tons of products annually!

Clarins is trusted in both body and skincare and cosmetic. Their products are the results of strict experimenting and testing process. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the quality of any innovative skincare, cosmetic or bath and body wash under the name of Clarins. The signature products include:

  • Double serum: For a complete anti-ageing solution. This serum treatment uses a two-phase foundation that helps to firm the skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • Beauty Flash Balm: This product is suitable for those who are constantly under pressure. Believe it or not, Clarins’ Beauty Flash Balm is a powerful booster for your mood as it soothes the skin and instantly moisturizes to help tired skin relax.
  • Body Lift Cellulite Control: Developed by Clarins Research Lab together with a team of local scientists. This body contouring cream is a reliable anti-cellulite cream to refine your skin.
  • Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch: The frontier of Clarins’ makeup line. This makeup primer creates the perfect foundation for all skin types. It contains an ultra-light cream texture that smoothens the skin in a flash, refine your complexion and cover the imperfections.
  • Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector: If you are a busy lady, this pocket-sized lip gloss is perfect for an instant colour appliance with a sweet scent. It also helps to soften the lips and gives them a shiny and kissable look.
  • Blue Orchid Oil: The core ingredients of this face treatment oil are rosewood, patchouli and blue orchid which are best suited for a dehydrated skin condition. The product helps to tone your complexion and revitalize skin radiance for an instant moisturizing effect. On top of that, the hazelnut extract also helps to control your skin hydration.
  • Extra-Firming: The product that is created for women above 40 with exceptional anti-ageing effect. By applying the cream daily (in the morning), your wrinkles will be reduced noticeably which reinforces the skin firmness as well as enhance the natural youthful look.
  • Eau Dynamisante: Get the best of both worlds with Eau Dynamisante – the perfect eau de toilette that has treatment power as well. This product utilizes the principles of aromatherapy and phytotherapy for a fresh and healthy skin appearance.

Reasons why you should Love Clarins

  • Clarins is a family run business – Clarins is led by the descendants of the founder, Jacques Courtin – Clarins, making their products manufactured with love and knowledge that stood strong against the test of time.
  • Clarins is continuously innovating – research is conducted in-house which means that formulations, ingredients, and techniques can never be replicated.
  • Clarins is responsible – they work closely with the local communities and the Fair Trade Principles to buy their raw materials.
  • Clarins is all about education – do you know that they began their life as a beauty institute in an exclusive area of Paris?
  • Clarins listens – their research centers and staff works extra hard to make every individual’s life a bit more beautiful with their formula that is bound to be effective.
  • Clarins is made in France – Clarins is made and manufactured in the Gallic country where nothing but high-quality and safety standards are demanded by the brand.

With a strong passion for natural skin care development through continuous research and discovery of all the possible benefits of plants, Clarins soon stood out from the rest in the market and became famous for being the industry’s pioneer in developing new ways of taking care of human skin. Check out the brand's extensive array of skin care, hair care, and cosmetics at iPrice!