Whether at home or at work, we are constantly connected to the internet. Little do we realise that connectivity will not be possible without servers and routers. Thankfully, Cisco, the networking company offers a variety of networking products to precipitate your internet connectivity. Read more about Cisco Malaysia below.


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Fun Facts about Cisco Malaysia

In the latest Avengers installment, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark (Iron Man) finds himself faced with an artificial intelligence program that overpowers the current operating system and escapes through the internet. Once security was compromised, the A.I. (Ultron) took control of online systems all over the world and proceeded to create mayhem. The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie may be pushing the limits of fiction, but the threat of internet security breach is very real in today’s world. Thankfully, one company makes internet security a priority in online information sharing – Cisco.

Cisco, the networking and server company dealing with Wide Area Networking (WAN) and Local Area Networking (LAN) takes internet security seriously. A pioneer in router software and hardware, Cisco technologies have monopolised the market by default since the invention of the Cisco Internetworking Operating System (IOS) in 1986.

Paving The Way for Internet Security with Cisco Wide Area Network (WAN)

Cisco networking has made its name as the brand at the forefront of Wide Area Networking technology. But what exactly is WAN? Unknowingly, WAN is the system that provides data sharing on a global scale. All of us are affected by Wide Area Networking even without us realising. This is due to the fact that WAN connects our Local Area Networks (LAN) to other LAN all over the country, consequently, all over the world, creating a web-like transference of information which we commonly call the World Wide Web. With over 137,000 new companies and start-ups launching each day, the internet is experiencing a wave of change. It is predicted that in one year, 40% of those businesses would have closed down whereby new businesses will take their place. Cisco’s advancements in server and connectivity technology help these businesses and start-ups to better access and disseminate information.

Cisco in Hollywood

Cisco’s presence in America has been further strengthened with appearances in Hollywood. Being associated with mainstream media and movies, Cisco products are proven to be influential in the market for computer networking. For example, in a few episodes of Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show, Cisco set up a networking system together with a giant television wall called the Wall of America. The networking system allowed people from all over America to make a video call to Jimmy Kimmel’s tech team. If Kimmel decided to speak to them, he would have them appear on the show’s segment. Each person who called in would be featured and would get to show their skill or talent or special “something” if Kimmel agreed. With the help of a DX70 Telepresence and a Cisco server, people from all across the country can call in and get aired on prime-time television.

Another instance Cisco products were featured in Hollywood was in the movie GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra. In one scene, the heroes are in a room teleconferencing using a Cisco Telepresence. As futuristic as the movie attempted to be, Cisco’s technology has already been available to users the world over. Cisco United Communications also was featured in the box office 2007 hit movie Transformers, whereby Josh Duhamel’s character takes a video call from his wife. In the hilariously funny series, Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson, a leading role in the show uses a Cisco IP phone. In fact, the Cisco IP Phone has appeared in a few movies including Yes Man, featuring Jim Carey.

Cisco’s Wireless Routers – Faster, Stronger Signal

Cisco wireless technologies allow for easy access to information while having a secure connection. Whether for home use, commercial or industrial use, Cisco routers and servers play a vital role in today’s progress. Cisco routers range from the higher end Cisco WS-C2960S-24TS-L, mostly used for servers, to the Switch Cisco Standard 8-Port for home usage. One popular Cisco router used for office or businesses are the Cisco RV models. The Cisco RV130W is a personal favourite especially for businesses in Asia, providing wireless VPN connections with multiple networks. With top-notch wireless technology, you can ensure your employees and colleagues will be more productive.

The beauty of living in today’s era is the ability to access and upload information to services using hardware and software so that people all over the world can communicate with us. But believe it or not, all these systems will not be possible without servers and router technology. Thankfully, Cisco technologies brings us into the uncharted world of information access. Thinking of increasing your business productivity? Get a fast connection and capable router from Cisco.

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