If uniquely shaped sunglasses are your fancy, then you will need to get a pair of Dior Sunglasses. The Dior So Real sunglasses worn by Rihanna in 2014 emerged as one of the most popular sunglasses trend and that particular collection is still remains as Dior’s most well-received sunglasses collection. Click here to learn more.


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Dior Sunglasses — distinguish yourself for you, that is Christian Dior

Christian Dior the founder was a successful couturier and all of his designs were influenced by couture fashion. Founded in 1946, Christian Dior has been established for a very long time and is one of the oldest French designer brands that specialised in luxury fashion. Dior is also famous in creating styles that are out of the ordinary and its sunglasses collection too carry that distinct individual style. Just look at how awesome Rihanna is with those Dior So Real Sunglasses!

As with any sweeping trend, the Dior So Real started with Rihanna. During the Dior Fall 2014 show, the pop songstress’s graced the red carpet in Paris wearing a show stopping black slip dress paired with thigh-high stockings, a red furry coat to match her crimson lipstick and a pair of Dior So Real sunglasses. It was a look that have caused a minor Internet riot, though while many freaked over her sultry style, the element of her outfit that really took off was the pair of Dior So Real mirrored sunglasses perched on her visage.

The reflective and bridgeless specs became an overnight sensation. Editors bought them, bloggers styled them and for real Rihanna fans at home, they coveted them. Two years later, the style is still one of Dior’s most popular collection that has also carried over into men’s fashion. Maybe it is the unique aggressive style that it held or maybe it was just its very cleverly designed frame that suit many face shapes, but for sure Dior So Real Sunglasses is the most coveted ‘high end’ sunglasses in 2014 and will be so too in 2016.

Dior sunglasses that we think you will fall in love with

Made using cutting-edge materials, Dior Sunglasses are exclusive creations which ensure modern edgy style and optimal protection from the sun’s strong UV rays. Dior Sunglasses’ geometric and sophisticated lines with generous volumes allows wearers to stand out and express your individual style. Psssst… this is the mood of Christian Dior Sunglasses when they are made, they are always made to charm and enchant others through wise usage of unique colours and tone-combinations. Makers of Dior Sunglasses also utilises precious ornaments to enhance the glasses décor presence.

Here are a few Dior Sunglasses that we love.:

  • Dior So Real — they are just so stunning on anyone and yet not oversaturated yet, so get them before your friends does the same! Newer version are also offered in less aggressive versions with two-tones and pastel colours that will also look good with Summer outfits.
  • Dior Technologic — see the world through this futuristic pair of sunglasses. The structure of the frames just frames the whole look by itself, setting them apart from anything on the market, also with the attached bar over the lenses, this shades just gives out a very chic and modern ‘Back to the Future’ feel.

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